Aerista, the True

Godling of Nobility


Calledrym’s daughter, Aerista, the True, sacrificed herself for the horselords of the Plains of Haemil. Her essence was absorbed by the great chieftain, Thullan, forever changing the mortality of the man and women of Haemil.


Scholarly Texts

Of Creation and the Greater Spirits

by Enasilaor, the Keeper of History for the Aleamitore House of First Elves, excerpt…

And so it came to be that on the Plains of Haemil, Aerista rushed forth into battle to save the noble men under Thullan’s command. Defying her father, the mighty Calledrym, she stood against Kiravor and crossed blades. But Kiravor was her master that day and smote her down. Her essence was laid bare and floated upon the wild flowers stained with the blood of man…

There, lying prone amongst the daisies, Thullan took his last breath, prepared to succumb to death and return to the ether. But as he opened his lungs to draw his last breath, the essence of Aerista filled his senses. He tasted the cherry blossoms that had bloomed in the goddess’s presence and he smelled the lavender whose oils graced her wrists. The great horse lord of men opened himself and let her essence mingle with his, extending his life and changing it forever.

The Chronicles of Haemil

by Fendreld, Scribe of Esteparon and Counsel to Vallenjös III, excerpt…

…It is known that Aerista had loved Thullan, Lord of Haemil. Thullan used this to his advantage, seducing the godling. Enthralled by the mortality of man and a deep love for Thullan, Aerista offered herself to Thullan but she could not bear him a child…

…It was Thullan that deceived the godling and led her to the battlefields where she was defeated by Kiravor. Thullan took her essence before it could return to the ether and reform as the lesser spirit. Thullan’s heirs were granted an extended life and many of the powers of Aerista. Great care should be taken when dealing with the horse lords of the Plains of Haemil…

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Aerista, the True

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