Fâdewynn Graniteheart

Archon of Thaedymar at the Great Southern Gate


Clad in Ka’azaklad, the unmistakeable armor of the paladins of Marshalism, Fâdewynn has been placed in command of the The Great Northern Gate by Bulgâr Ogrebane.

Like all Marshal’s Armor, her full-plate armor is made of God’s Steel, a steel imbued with the grace of Thaedymar. It’s lustrous shine can reflect light creating daylight where ever the wearer goes. It is trimmed in gold with the hammer holy symbol of Thaedymar emblazoned upon the chest piece. Intricate engravings are accented by the gold trim granting a bonus to diplomacy and intimidation equal to its enhancement bonus.


Fâdewynn was recently promoted to the role of Archon and, although she is confident in her abilities to command, she is still trying to gain the deepest loyalties from the armies under her command. All other Marshalls are dedicated to her and will follow commands without question.

Fâdewynn Graniteheart

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