Garidan Vissir

Human Swashbuckler


Garidan Vissir is a young man with a slight, frail body, a slightly tanned complexion, and curly brown hair. A narrow face with a sharp chin and cheekbones hosts a ready smile and alert green eyes that seem to miss nothing that passes before them. His movements are controlled, precise, and with no wasted motion; exactly the right amount for whatever he is doing, no more and no less. During his mother’s pregnancy with him, both of them were infected with an unknown disease that left them severely weakened and vulnerable to other ailments. Shortly after his birth, Garidan’s mother succumbed to the effects of the disease, while Garidan himself managed to cling to life, though the disease marked him as well with a sickly body prone to quick exhaustion.

Garidan is bound to Ruza, his half-sister who now inhabits the Ioun Torch. Garidan has lost his family and desperately clings to his sister while he tries grow a sense of self. He wishes for his family back and may sacrifice himself or others to ‘rescue’ them.

Bound Soul:

Goruza Vissir (Half-Orc Fighter)


Arcane Bonuses:


Stat Bonuses

+1 Dexterity. (LE1: Fire Goblin Sorcerer)

Save Bonuses:

+1 All Saves. (Boon: Teysura’s Blessing)
+1 All Saves. (EE20: Animate Dream)

Armor Bonuses

+1 Natural AC (Boon: Sacred Chestnut Tree)

Resistance Bonuses

+5 Fire resistance. (Fire1: Gnoll Priest)

Skill Bonuses

+5 Craft (Alchemy). (EE9: Geist)
+2 Initiative:.The alertness of the geist imbues you with heightened awareness of your surroundings. (EE9: Geist)
+5 Use Magical Devise (EE17: Staff)
+2 Perception. (EE20: Animate Dream)


Dodge: (LE2: Flame Drake)
Weapon Versatility: (LE3: Gnoll Slayer)
Point-Blank Shot: (LE4: Gnoll Ranger)
Combat Stamina: (LE5:Hill Giant)

Passive Abilities:

Burning Riposte: You inflict an extra 2d8 fire damage on a successful ripostes. (LE1: Fire Goblin Sorcerer)

Enfeebling Strike: Empowered by the essence of the staff, 1/day, when landing a confirmed critical, Garidan may opt to forgo all damage and cause 1d6 of strength damage to his target. (EE17: Staff)

Improved Stamina: Gain +2 Combat Stamina Pool. (LE5:Hill Giant)

Fiery Burst: When Garidan’s ioun torch uses it’s innate spell ability, the spell gains the [fire] descriptor and any target of that spell that is damaged or otherwise affect by a detrimental effect and that fails it’s save against that spell’s effect, will suffer additional fire damage equal to Garidan’s charisma modifier. (Fire1: Gnoll Priest)

Speed Surge: 2/day as a swift action, Garidan may draw on the draconic heritage of the life essence for a boost of strength and speed to take an additional move action (+150% to his base speed) in that round. So, with base 30’ movement, his extra burst will be 75’ movement. (LE2: Flame Drake)

Study Target (+2): 3/day as a move action, Garidan gains a +1 bonus similar to the slayer’s study target ability against a single creature. At 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th levels, the bonuses on weapon attack rolls, damage rolls, and skill checks and to slayer DCs against a studied target increase by 1. Garidan uses his character level as his effective slayer level when determining the value of the given bonus. If he already has the full ability or later gains it, Garidan’s bonus is increased by +1. (LE3: Gnoll Slayer)

Favored Enemy (Gnoll +4): 2/day, as a swift action, Garidan gains a +2 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against gnolls for a number of rounds equal to his character level. Likewise, he gets a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them. At 5th level and every five levels thereafter (10th, 15th, and 20th level), the bonus against gnolls increases by +2. (LE4: Gnoll Ranger)

Triggered Abilities:

x Ethereal Points


Legendary Items

Garidan’s Foil (Wonder)
Breastplate of the Swashbuckler (Wonder)
Chestnut Buckler (Wonder)
Ruza, the Ioun Torch (Wonder)
The Ampoule of Sagurim (Curio)
Everburning Torch (Curio)
Garidan’s Haversack (Curio)
Mylesar’s Whiskey Flask (Curio)
Ivory Scroll Case (Curio)
White Plume of the Griffon (Curio)

Scrolls, Potions & Components

Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2



Other Item


In his younger, wilder days, Armant Vissir—father of Garidan and, later, Goruza—was an scholarly bard of some repute. He was in high demand as a guide and researcher for anyone seeking out the mysteries of the past, and his adventures amassed him a small but tidy fortune over the years. During his career, Armant often found himself encountering Alezra Sharpwit, a female orc sorcerer with similar interests, and the two developed a friendly rivalry that could have become more had Armant not been in an arranged betrothal. When Armant’s wife become ill during her pregnancy with Garidan, she sent word for Alezra to visit her, and the two women spoke daily for the remainder of the former’s life. What precisely was said during these conversations Alezra never revealed, but after the death of Armant’s wife, Alezra stayed in the valley to help care for Armant and Garidan both. Eventually Armant’s grief faded, and the long-buried feelings for Alezra made themselves known once more, resulting in the two getting wed and shortly thereafter, welcoming a daughter into the world.

As a growing child, Garidan’s lack of endurance and susceptibility to illness left him confined to his home for long stretches, though this was no hardship to the boy. For whatever Garidan may have lacked physically, he more than made up for mentally, and his father and step-mother found him a joy to teach. As he grew older, he was pleased to learn that he wasn’t entirely lacking in physical gifts either, developing a surprising level of grace and agility in his movements. He even took up fencing with his birth mother’s heirloom rapier, and displayed an almost preternatural level of skill in the weapon’s use. Further, Garidan found that the lessons from his parents meshed well with his fencing, instilling a mindset that encouraged clear, decisive thoughts and deeds.

Educated by well-traveled, experienced, and scholarly parents, Garidan—and later, Goruza—was encouraged to find a path in life that made the most of the resources available. Though neither child followed in the footsteps of their parents, they still managed to pick up at least some useful tricks. From his father, Garidan learned how to speak and sneak effectively, while his step-mother showed him the best ways to terrify his enemies with sheer presence, as well as how to safely unlock the capabilities within magic items of all sorts.

When the world ended, Garidan was trapped in a chokehold administered by his sister Goruza, laughing uncontrollably as she prepared to deliver a savage knuckling (noogie) to the top of his head. Their parents were sitting on the porch of their home, watching with exasperated amusement as their children carried on. Before any of them realized what was happening, the expanding rift claimed their lives, along with every other living thing in the small valley they called home.

5) Garidan awoke, weeping uncontrollably for his sister and parents, on the floor of a chamber in what he later learned was the famous Bright Tower of story and song, Talanor. Finding no other trace of his family in the tower’s confines after a desperate search, he eventually returned to the chamber in which he had awakened to learn how he had come to be there, and why. Throughout the explanations and preparations that followed, Garidan could swear he heard his sister’s voice, faint but distinct, offering advice in a familiarly lecturing tone. More oddly still, his previous style of fighting seemed to have somehow incorporated elements of Goruza’s own style. However, the greatest shock to Garidan was the first time he ventured outside of the Bright Tower without a light source, and realized that the darkness was no impediment to him whatsoever. As strange as it seems, some part of his sister came back with him when he was restored to life, and that has made it easier for Garidan to face what is left of the world. Unfortunately, his previous confidence has still taken a hard blow, leaving him prone to severe periods of self-doubt when he falls short of success on some tasks.

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Garidan Vissir

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