Noble Elven Conjurer


Malthazir is a tall elf with a thin, but somewhat human-looking build. He has sharp facial features, piercing bright green eyes, and short wavy blonde hair. His left eye is completely white and useless, and usually covered by a gold eye patch.

Malthazir has an air of power and command about him. He is a cold pragmatist who tries to see things from all perspectives before making a decision. He frequently takes a “logical” approach to a situation rather than the “good” or “right” way of doing things. However he does have a respect and admiration for people who do do things the good or right way, recognizing that they help to further society and are reliable individuals.

Bound Soul:

Grunthrix (Half-orc Bard)


Arcane Bonuses:


Stat Bonuses

+1 Intelligence. (LE1: Hill Giant)
+1 Intelligence. (LE2: Mummy)
+1 Intelligence. (LE3: Gnoll Slayer)
+1 Intelligence. (LE4: Gnoll Bard)
+1 Intelligence. (LE5: Flytrap)

Save Bonuses:

+1 All Saves. (Boon: Gift of Teysura)
+1 All Saves. (EE7: Huntmaster Ghoul)

Armor Bonuses

+1 Natural AC (Boon: Sacred Chestnut Tree)

Resistance Bonuses

+5 Cold Resistance. (Water1: Ice Giant)

Skill Bonuses

+2 Initiative. The alertness of the golem imbues you with heightened awareness of your surroundings. (EE5: Bone Golem?)
+5 Intimidation. (EE6: Bone Golem?)
+5 Spellcraft. (EE5: Bone Golem?)


Diabolical Summoner: Each creature with the [devil] subtype you conjure with any summon spell gains +2 hit point per hit die for the duration of the spell that summoned it. (LE4: Gnoll Bard)

Passive Abilities:

Death Resistant: The essence of the huntmaster ghoul grants you a +2 resistance to negative energy. (EE7: Huntmaster Ghoul)
Engulfing Summons (Ex): When casting a summons spell, Malthazir may, 1/day, summon an earth elemental that gains the Engulf trait. If a the summons begins its turn with an opponent at least two size categories smaller than itself grappled, it can close its jaws completely around the foe by making a new combat maneuver check (as though attempting to pin the foe). If it succeeds, it engulfs the prey and inflicts 1d8 +7 points of damage and 2d6 acid damage as the cavity floods with digestive enzymes. The seal formed is airtight, so an engulfed creature risks suffocation. Engulf is a special form of pinning, and an engulfed creature can escape in the same way as he can from being pinned, but since an engulfed creature is contained wholly inside the plant’s jaws, the summons’s victim cannot be targeted by effects or attacks that require line of sight or line of effect. A summons that is grappling or pinning a foe cannot attack other targets with this ability. (LE5: Flytrap)
Giantkin Reactions: 2 natural armor bonus and Projectile Catching (Ex): 3/day you can attempt catch/deflect a projectile no larger than a “large” rocks (or projectiles of similar shape). If you would normally be hit by the projectile, you can make a Will save to catch it as a free action. The DC is 15 for a Small rock, 20 for a Medium one, and 25 for a Large one. If the projectile provides a magical bonus on attack rolls, the DC increases by that amount. If the projectile is a magical attack that requires a ranged touch attack, you can similarly make a Will save to “catch” the attack. The DC is 15 for five or less dice of damage, 20 for ten to six dice of damage and 25 for more than ten dice of damage. If the magical attack already requires you to make a saving throw, you may substitute Will for either Fort or Reflex. You will use the spell’s DC for this type of catch. You must be aware of the attack in order to make a catching attempt. (LE1)
Greater Darkvision: +30 feet for darkvision. (Water1: Ice Giant)
Intestinal Fortitude: 1/day you can reroll a Fort save vs. poison: The essence of the construct melds with your body giving you added defenses against poison. (EE6: Bone Golem?)
Mummy’s Despair (Su): 3/day as a swift action, all creatures within a 30-foot radius that see Malthazir must make a Will save or be paralyzed by fear for 1 round. This is a paralysis and a mind-affecting fear affect. The save DC is Charisma-based. The DC is equal to 10 + character level + charisma bonus. Malthazir’s allies receive a +4 bonus to their save. (LE2: Mummy)
Precision Summons: You may grant Precise Strike to a number of your summoned creatures per day equal to twice your Intelligence bonus. (LE3: Gnoll Slayer)

Triggered Abilities:

x Ethereal Points


Legendary Items

The Devil Ooze (Wonder)
The Golden Scale (Curio)
Sage Staff of Lorrynor (Wonder)
Stormborn Robe (Wonder)
The Ampoule of Vorgak (Curio)

Scrolls, Potions & Components

Copper Giant Toes (Component)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2
Potion of Firebrew x4
Scroll of Burning Arc
Scroll of Burning Disarm
(Rhykal’s Scrolls?)


Eimi’s Traveling Spellbook


Malthazir was born in the far northern reaches of Esteparon, in Greyton, the elven cities ruled by a line of noble elves. The Aleamitore line has ruled the small city for centuries, after they wrestled control of it from a band of savage orcs. Malthazir was raised among the elites and nobles of society, learning how to memorize names and titles and how to properly address such people. As he came of age he showed a brilliant mind and an aptitude for magic, so he began studies into wizardry. Malthazir became the court magician of the Aleamitores. His grandparents gifted him a set of silken robes to display both his aptitude in magic as well as his noble standing.

Malthazir got immersed in the world of high society and politics, quickly earning a cold reputation of being a ruthless pragmatist. This earned him nods of approval from the more level-headed politicians, but a lot of dissenting opinions from others, including his own family which he was known to act against if he saw fit. Although the cunning wizard could be polite or charming when needed, more often during heated debates he came down upon his opponents with brutal and up-front logic. It didn’t help that he dabbled in magics that were considered unsavory, and when he used extracted essence to create a living salve infused with devil’s blood, even some of his relatives turned against him.

But Malta is not a world where nobles get to sit idly in their manors, watching time pass and enjoying the luxuries of life. Malthazir had begun seeing visions of a torn world in his slumber and was unable to rest, and reports of unusual ethereal energy disruptions have begun reaching the elves. Malthazir was brought in for magical counsel on how to best handle the situation, but the enemies he had earned in politics banded together and came up with the idea that it would be best to send Malthazir himself to handle the situation. They turned his cold logic strategy on him and obligated him to go. With a hard set to his jaw and a sour taste in his mouth, Malthazir gathered his things and left.

When he arrived at where the reports came from, he felt a sense of déjà vu from the visions he had seen in his dreams. A large wasteland with burned ground and boulders. He crept along with the hair on the back of his neck standing on end, heart racing as he searched about. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a voice talking in the distance. Malthazir went towards the voice and hugged a boulder, peeking around it. He saw a figure in robes next to what appeared to be a tear in the sky. He looked around just enough to show one eye, and that’s when the rift pulsed in a flash of blinding light. Malthazir felt a horrible burning sensation in his left eye, then the world went dark…

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