Sa'crÿff, the Champion

Godling of Loyalty & The Champion of Aêyss


Sa’crÿff, a lesser spirit, was a devoted friend and defender of Aêyss, the Silver Dragon. He wielded a greataxe wrought by the dragon herself. The godling was very much in love with the dragon.


Aêyss and Sa’crÿff descend into the earth in search of Gaeruhn during the godling wars. They encounter the god and Sacryff is mortally wounded defending Aêyss retreat to the surface. Sa’crÿff’s axe, named Dyarendi in the ancient draconian tongue, which meands Flesh Bane, scars Gaeruhn causing him to endure pain to this day.

Immortals – The Godlings
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Sa'crÿff, the Champion

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