Veavys, the Dreamer

Goddess of Music & Reverie


Took little action in the wars but sung songs of lament and of valor. Lost her voice for a time to Celestri.

Created the halflings

Holy Symbol


Favored Weapon

Short Sword





Deific Obedience


Deific Boons


You hear and understand the vibrations by which all things cohere.


You are attuned with the thoughtful restfulness of the Void.

Chaos, Luck, Travel, Captivation, Fate, Imagination, Love, Memory, Portal, Revelry, Riot

Paladin Code


Divine Fighting Technique


Initial Benefit

Advanced Prerequisite

Advanced Benefit


In addition to the spells traditionally on their classes spell list, divine casters that are disciples of the deity also gain the following:



1st – Song Bird
2nd – Cacophonous Call
3rd – Good Hope
4th – Song of Healing
5th – Music of the Spheres
6th – Pied Piping
7th – Shout, Greater
8th – Irresistible Dance
9th – Heroic Invocation
1st – Dream Feast
2nd – Dream Shield
3rd – Fleeting Memory
4th – Modify Memory
5th – Dream Council
6th – Cloak of Dreams
7th – Dream Reality
8th – Create Demiplane
9th – Dream Voyage



Scholarly Texts

Of Creation and the Greater Spirits

by Enasilaor, the Keeper of History for the Aleamitore House of First Elves, excerpt…

Veavys came into the world as a symphony of thought that blessed all who heard the melody she weaved with her instruments. The goddess devised all sound that came into the world and taught the birds the melodies of charm. It is their voice that calls to Vra’lithe and beckons the sun from its resting place each morning.

Vaevys is a selfless being who offers her music so that all of creation might listen and revel in her opus

It is said that upon her birth she sang but once to Amus and the Divinium. She revealed all that had come before her and all that would come before the end of time. So taken by her words, that for a time the gods were captivated by her song and were lost in the void. They danced and became riotous in the void. All but Amus were lost to the melodies and harmonies that she wove together in perfect, but the Elder listened and understood.

When the First Song was done, Veavys reflected upon what she had seen of the harmonic wave and what she had sung to the gods. She knew that such words should not have been heard by the Ealintaine. Veavys closed her mouth and spoke no more.

She traveled the world and played her music to all forms of life, but her voice rang no longer for the goddess of the sea had stolen it in Veavys’ long silence.

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Veavys, the Dreamer

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