Vra’lithe, the Everflame

God of Fire


Vra’lithe is made of the purest ethereal energy among the Ealintaine. His power is all-consuming but he shows restraint. His power is contained in the light that shines upon the world. He grows in power during the daylight and wanes at night.

Vra’lithe takes few priests for his ability to transgress his power through the ether is limited.

Holy Symbol


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Deific Obedience


Deific Boons



Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Good, Sun, Ash, Azata(Chaos), Azata(Good), Catastrophe, Light, Redemption, Revelation, Smoke,

Paladin Code


Divine Fighting Technique


Initial Benefit

Advanced Prerequisite

Advanced Benefit


In addition to the spells traditionally on their classes spell list, divine casters that are disciples of the deity also gain the following:





Scholarly Texts

Of Creation and the Greater Spirits

by Enasilaor, the Keeper of History for the Aleamitore House of First Elves, excerpt…

When the world was first created, Vra’lithe did not come into the ether but rather stayed in the void and listened to the voices of the Docti as they reveled in what Amus and Teysura had created. Finally, he succumbed to the emotions he felt and came to the ether. His thoughts could not penetrate the ether and come upon the world to behold it. His desire grew and the energy burst from Vra’lithe in a radiant burst of light. The energy burst through the barrier that separated the world from the ether and formed the sun. Vra’lithe’s power is set about our world and flows from the fiery orb that circles the universe. Through it, his power is felt for his thoughts do not come…

…During the Godling Wars, Vra’lithe grew angry with Gaeruhn, for the evil god had consumed the sun that Vra’lithe had set in the sky. But the guile of Kiravor was too much for Vra’lithe to comprehend. Kiravor convinced Vra’lithe that the other gods had been to blame for his inability to control the ethereal energy within the material plane. Kiravor unleashed the fury of Vra’lithe who erupted as fire upon the world, burning much of Esteparon. When he grew calm again, Vra’lithe saw the destruction that he had done. He left the world and returned to the void in a self-imposed exile…

…When Daysra was killed by Gaeruhn, Vra’lithe returned to the world taking the form of the Avatar of Fire. The other gods, seeing Vra’lithe’s glory as he walked upon the world, followed him and took arms against Kiravor and Gaeruhn…

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Vra’lithe, the Everflame

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