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Legendary Texts

Collecting Parts; Living and Dead

by Caitlín Ní Daire

Jorji’s Spellbook

This soft, leather covered tome is embossed within metal over the spine and cover in the image of a dragon’s skull breathing a silvery flame.

The Liber Sanguinem

Dark legends proclaim that Ghovhanis, the first necromancer, wrote the dusty grimoire bound in thick, black leather. The words, Libre Sanguinem, are written in red ink upon its spine. Translated from Draconic, it simply reads, “The Blood Book”. It rumored to be located in the catacombs beneath Mötùrrim, Death’s Tower.

Mÿrdín’s Tome

A silvery leathered old tome filled with scribblings and notes in a combination of elvish and draconic written on aged vellum. A large, ornate silver clasp keeps the tome secure.

Revelations of the Bloodsworn

A black leather tome with bindings made of a lustrous metal, this grimoire is locked by a gem key.

Revelations of Bound Elanil

by Anonymous

Tactus Draconem

by Lorrynor, the Sage

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Arcana - Grimoires

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