Beastiary - Phantom Armor

Phantom Armor

This suit of armor moves with a warrior’s deadly skill despite obviously being empty.


7’ tall knight in black armor. Under its helm you can see the bony grin of its flesh-less face and the dull grey mane that seems to flutter even in the absence of wind. It holds is unsheathed greatsword proudly,

The creature appears to be a Phantom Armor from the stories you heard from your mother as a child. But this one seems more powerful. He radiates a light that penetrates the shadows that normally surrounds you.

It is a relatively weak undead. No special attacks. It is a bit resistant to channels. It’s armor is protective but can be damaged by non-magical attacks normally. The main difference you see in this one is that it is radiating a bright, clearly magical, light from its armor.


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Beastiary - Phantom Armor

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