Boon - Beauty


You tap into the wellspring of youth and perfection.

Granted Powers

Divine Youth (Minor)

The vitality of the gods surges through your veins. You do not take penalties to your physical scores for aging, though your mental scores do increase when appropriate. You maintain a youthful appearance your entire life and age only one year for every ten chronological years. You can be magically aged, but this aging is reduced at the same rate. You still die when your time is up. (Player characters who select this Domain may not start play at Middle Aged or older. In fact, they start at the minimum starting adult age appropriate for a trained class for their race.)

Divine Beauty (Major)

At 8th level, your form begins to reflect the divine, and, as your faith deepens so too does your beauty. You gain a +1 inherent bonus to Charisma and another at every fourth cleric level gained thereafter.

Miravynn, the Weaver
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Boon - Beauty

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