Campaign - Baerney

Bærney, the Shades of Honor

Over three hundred years ago, the seven Dukes of Esteparon defeated the Dragon King and laid waste to Chadtúr, the ancient capital of Esteparon. Signing the Treaty of Dür’nechagh, the Dukes agreed that no one would wear the crown of Esteparon nor be called King. They also agreed that should one of the Duchies seek to increase the land holdings or attack another, the remaining Duchies would rally to the defender’s cause. However, the lands of Bærney, once part of the Duchy of Alaredél, had been ruled by the local barons for five generations without fealty to the Duke. With the treaty signed, he lost his chance to reclaim the coveted lands of the northeast march.

Twenty-nine years ago, Lord Thorval of Bærney defeated Lord Íomhar, taking Dhurcáin Castle and consolidated control of Emsmõr River. From there, the young lord campaigned for twelve years until all of the barons knelt to him as their sovereign ruler. On his thirty-third birthday, he revealed the Crown of Bærney, thought lost to time, and proclaimed himself King of Bærney. For seventeen years, he has built a vast army from the rich coffers he now controls and has built alliances with the Duke of Alaredél and many of his subjects.

You live in the small homlet of Nytia’har at the shallow ford of the river dividing the county. Life here is quiet for several generations as the wars between the lords of Bærney never found their way here.

Notable NPC’s

Arzhel Thoraval (King of Bærney)
Gildwen Thoraval (Baron of Harfœrt), the son of Arzhel
Ultán Mac Uladh, Sheriff of Nytia

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Campaign - Baerney

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