Campaign - Bright Tower

The Bright Tower

Campaign Overview

Most of the world has been destroyed, and most of the inhabitants have been sucked into the rift before the Hazard could contain it. Bærwynnd, the 1st Hazard of Talanor… the most powerful Diviner in a millennium… had inadvertently come close to destroying the known world. But Amus, the Elder, intervened and a handful of mortals were saved at the last moment and have awoken in the summoning room inside Talanor, the Bright Tower. Before them stands the Hazard locked in an epic struggle to keep the rift sealed. They remember having felt their souls being ripped from their mortal flesh. Just as they witnessed the same happen to others moments before being consumed by the singularity. They hear the Hazard, in their minds, Help me… there is little time… my power is waning and I cannot hold the rift sealed… help me.

In 7995 E.C., the world has been torn apart by magic. A singularity opened within Talanor, the Bright Tower, has terraformed the ring-world into a shard-world. This is known as the Shaping. Most of the surface dwelling races were decimated, especially those close to Talanor. The more distant lands had less impact. The singularity was created when Bærwynnd, the 1st Hazard of Talanor, opened a portal directly into the Ether. He projected himself into the pure energy attempting to learn its secrets. He encountered the thoughts of Kiravor who was reaching out from the void to touch his followers. Kiravor used this direct connection to begin to consume the world. While Bærwynnd hopes to contain the singularity, known as the Vortex, he sends the party to find the other Hazards. Only together can they hope to save the world.

Character Plotlines

Garidan is bound to Ruza, his half-sister who now inhabits the Ioun Torch. Garidan has lost his family and desperately clings to his sister while he tries grow a sense of self. He wishes for his family back and may sacrifice himself or others to ‘rescue’ them.

Gruskorb is bound to Querkus Windrazor, a half-elf warden for an ancient grove set about one of the first chestnut trees. According to his human mother, Querkus’s father is a highborn elf named Kyllvyn del’Agost Dianndor, who aspired to leave his family out of shame from their secret slave trade; however, he never returned to Querkus and his mother. Upon finding his glade, he finds the ancient chestnut tree is dying. He also finds a note from father to mother, discussing the faults of his family and desires to run away with her. The party witnesses the death of the ancient chestnut tree but are able to save its rootstock. Querkus takes comfort in knowing that the tree’s “memories” will not be lost.

Malthazir is bound to Gunthrix, the half-orc bard who originates from an orc tribe that roamed the northern shores below the plains of Haemil. He is well versed in the stories of Rgulblux, the Ogre Warlord that now gathers hoards of humanoids to attack Haemil. He is also well-versed in the deeds of the Godling Wars. Malthazir is of the noble House Aleamitore who are rivals to House del’Agost Dianndor in the Kingdom of Greyton. Currently, House Aleamitore controls the throne, but the power and wealth of the rising House del’Agost Dianndor threatens their hold on the kingdom.

NIyut is bound to the bright elven sorcerer, Viosil who is lost deep within the oracle. Viosil is growing weaker by the day as Niyut becomes more and more in control of her body and of his powers. Niyut is having visions of a spirit that torments and tempts her.

Truk’tosh is bound with Morgrym Hammerfist whose father, Balendor Hammerfist, is the deceased head of the Hammerfist family, but Morgrym renounced his title over fifty years ago and cannot claim the title as head of the Hammerfist House. Morgrym’s mother passed away and his father remarried Garlana, the eldest daughter of Varrian Everforge. Garlana and Balendor have a daughter Noyar Hammerfist who is betrothed to an unknown suitor. Without an heir, the Hammerfist family will fall and with Noyar marrying into another family, there will be no heir. Garlana’s family, the Everforge’s, are an old family with a new name. Prior to the devastation of the Lowercity of Eastgate, they were known as the Bloodforge Family. They were buying slaves with a noble family of elves, House del’Agost Dianndor, for an unknown purpose in Eastgate. They murdered Brynderie, the daughter of the patriarch of House del’Agost Dianndor. Grymdor Hallowheart, who led the party into the undercity of Eastgate was seen drawing a shield that bore the Hammerfist sigil just before disappearing in an attempt to distract the flame drakes and allow the group to escape. The flame drakes are ruled by a massive creature that the dwarves referred to as “the Drake”.

Campaign Encounters

Encounters: 2nd Level

Encounters: 3rd Level

Encounters: 4th Level

Encounters: 5th Level

  • The Tower of Necromancy – Arriving in Pyrae, Sivantanpisil refuses to leave his city as only he can protect Pyrae from certain destruction. The party explores the crypts below the Tower of Necromancy and recover the Staff of Stoorjian.

Encounters: 6th Level

  • The Dying Chestnut Tree – The party witnesses the death of the ancient chestnut tree but are able to save its rootstock. Querkus, the druid residing in Gruskorb takes comfort in knowing that the tree’s “memories” will not be lost.
  • The Highmark Keep – The party sieges the small keep atop the winding stairs that lead to the plains of Haemil. Within the keep they find several gnoll slayers and a powerful gnoll commander wielding an ornate greataxe. In the officer’s quarters, a candle sits on the desk on a small brass disk. The candle is made from the wax of the elder bees, made by the hands of Amus. A note from the scout to the commander detailing the armies plans.
  • Skirmish upon the Plains of Haemil – Traveling across the Plains of Haemil, the party comes upon the gathering armies of the gnolls as they traverse the distance between two floating sections of the world. Flying down to the lower level, they come upon a group of Riders of Haemil under attack. The party saves the captain and defeat the gnolls.

Encounters: 7th Level

  • Taking Counsel with King Helluddar – The party arrives at the city of Haemil, a great mountain city that was first constructed by the lesser Ealintaine during the Godling wars as a refuge. Taken before the King, they listen to counsel from Rhykal, the Hazard of Haemil, and devise a plan to save the city.
  • The Encounter at the River Bend – The party comes upon 3 storm hags huddled over a pool of water that has formed at a bend in the Great River leading to the Shrine of the Summoner. A short, but nasty battle ensues in which the party dispatches two of the hags before the third vanishes in the night sky. Afterwards, Truk’tosh is befriended by a Mamiwa found in the pool.
  • The Ice Giant Hunter – The party encounters an Ice Giant with 2 Winter Wolves on a hunting expedition. As they engage the ice giant, the last hag takes the opportunity for revenge.
  • The Broken Spire – The party encounters an Ursikka who has denned near the Broken Spire leading to the Shrine of the Summoner. Hearing the party move into the spire, the Ursikka ambushes them looking for it’s next meal.
  • The Ursikka’s Cave – The party explores the Ursikka’s nest to find a small complex of caverns. In a large cavern to the north, they come upon a freezing flow, a creature created from the icy waters of the plane of water.
  • The Inner Sanctum of the Shrine – The party delves deep within the Iron Mountains looking for the Shrine of the Summoner. Finding a collapsed tunnel, they encounter an ice giant mage holding open a magical portal that leads to the Inner Sanctum of the Shrine where a battle rages between the ice giants and several elementals.
  • Ambush on the Pass – On the return trip to Earthenwork, the party is ambushed by a squad of gnoll rangers. Caught in a crossfire, the party nearly lost Niyut, but prevailed in the end.

Encounters: 8th Level

  • Siege of the Pass Gates – The party arrives at the northern gates to Earthenwork to find in under attack by a gnoll force. They are able to defeat the gnolls but not before the gatehouse is destroyed when a robed gnoll sunders his staff causing a great explosion. Reinforced with Leezzâ, Foramdar and the Riders of Haemil, they prepare for a larger force coming their way. With heroics from all party, the gnolls and their giant allies are repelled from the walls of Earthenwork. Leezzâ and the Riders of Haemil pursue the gnolls into the night as the party retreats to the Cälaturrim, the Tower of the Conjurer.
  • The Trail to the Firebird Clan – Forced to flee Earthenwork for the First Lands when the Ice Giants arrive at Earthenwork, the group sets out to find the home of the twins only to be ambushed by a trio of smilodons.
  • The First Lands – Concerned for the clans of the First Lands, the group works to uncover dark secrets about the First Lands.

Encounters: 9th Level

Rule Set

This campaign is played with the Pathfinder 1st Edition Rule set with the following modifications.

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Campaign - Bright Tower

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