Campaign - Counsel With Helluddar

The city of Haemil teams with life as the power of the rift was not great enough to suck the souls of the people this far out upon the legs of the world. But as the world dies, Rhykal, the Hazard must supply them with food and water to live. With the ogre warlord, Rgulblux, bearing down upon the city with his humanoidd armies, the King, with counsel from the Hazard, decides to evacuate the citizens of Haemil to the Vale of Talanor using the ancient teleportation portals. According to Rhykal, “It appears that what we suspected is true, another portal has been opened. The Harbinger became aware of the Magi while he kept vigil over the Ealintaine. He was able to contain portal for now but a new gate must be conjured. He has summoned the Hazards. I must go… and so should your people.”

“High upon the mountain pass, deep within the Iron Mountains, the Shrine of the Summoner was built by the priest’s of Ralloryss. When Gaeruhn laid siege upon Earthenwork during the Godling Wars, he shook the mountains to the core. When the world opened up, the mountain pass and the Shrine were cast down and never seen again. Within the Shrine an ancient Aspen tree was planted by Brandaynë, the Dryad. She was kin to Ralloryss and first learned to move amongst the first trees of the world. Among the most learned in conjuration, it is believed that the Brandaynë found the first pieces of amber lying in the fields of petrified wood of the first trees. She used the amber to open the first teleportation portals within the trees. If we are to assume that the legends are true and that the gods created the Circle of the Whispering Wind, it would make sense that both Ralloryss and Brandaynë were part of that creation. I would think that Brandaynë may have made the Amber shard and would have hidden the shard during the Godling Wars…In the Shrine of the Summoner.”

Realizing that amber may unlock the Circle of the Whispering Wind and may activate the Teleportation Circles found with all the Hazards, the party follows the Great River into the mountains looking to find the entrance to the Shrine of the Summoner and, hopefully, the Amber Shard. With them, they take the key to the shrine offered by Rhykal. The key is a silver medallion shaped like an octagon. On one side, is engraved with flowing draconic script that reads, “Ralloryss, the Hearty”. Upon the other side, the figure of a majestic griffon is engraved.

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Campaign - Counsel With Helluddar

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