Campaign - Dawn of Talanor

Dawn of Talanor

Current Date: 14th of Selefis, 7995 E.C.

The Story Begins…

The world changed two months ago. The sky cracked. The ground shook and opened. And the gods screamed. Many of your friends and family fell as you watched their very essence ripped from their bodies. Their ethereal form reached out to the world, trying to cling to life. Yet, it was hopeless. They flew to the Bright Tower in a maelstrom of wind and lightning. Lost to the ether. The few of you that survived the night watched with weeping eyes as their bodies rose as undead, devouring anyone they came upon. The few gathered and cowered for days until Marvog arrived. He organized you and you fought back. Now, as the stars turn and the fourteenth day of Selefis has arrived, you find that you have nearly reclaimed your district, Scholars’ Cape. You feel safe, but sad as the eternal night has set upon the lonely town…


The Long Night of the Crescent

Campaign - Dawn of Talanor

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