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The Last Haven


In 7995 E.C., the world has been torn apart by magic. A singularity opened within Talanor, the Bright Tower, has terraformed the once beautiful world into a spiral world devoid of live and overrun with undead. This is known as the Shaping. Most of the surface dwelling races were decimated, especially those close to the Vale of Talanor, where the Bright Tower stands. The more distant lands had less impact. The singularity was created when Bærwynnd, the 1st Hazard of Talanor, opened a portal directly into the Ether. He projected himself into the pure energy attempting to learn its secrets. He encountered the thoughts of Kiravor, the Harbinger of Death, who was reaching out from the void to touch his followers. Kiravor used this direct connection to begin to consume the world.

This is the story of the mortals who rose to the challenge of creating a new world within the Vale of Talanor following the cataclysmic events of the Shaping.

The Story Begins…

Most of the world of Æustëria has been destroyed, and most of the inhabitants have been sucked into the vortex before the Hazard could contain it. Bærwynnd, the 1st Hazard of Talanor had inadvertently come close to destroying the world. But Amus, the Goddess of Time, intervened, and a handful of mortals were saved at the last moment and awoke in the Bright Tower of Talanor. While the Bærwynnd remained locked in an epic struggle to keep the vortex sealed, the heroes were sent on quest to gather the surviving Hazards throughout the devastated world. Having reached Earthenwork, the capital city of the Kingdom of Haemil, they worked with the Rhykal, the 16th Hazard of Haemil, to unseal the Circle of the Whispering Wind. This ancient portal allowed the King of Haemil to send his people to the safety of the Vale of Talanor. Arriving in the Vale, the people of Haemil have discovered the refuge they sought is but a ghost of a town filled with the armies of the undead and a few survivors of the destruction of Æustëra.

Opening Scene

The cold air bites at your lungs as you take a deep breath. For two days you have waited at the Bright Tower, biding your time as the garrison of city guards made brief skirmishes into The Point trying to clear the streets and alleyways of the rampant undead swarming the district. Food and drink was being provided from a few arcane sources but the Hazard of Haemil had immediately disappeared into the highest levels of the tower and hadn’t been seen since.

Prior to the refugees’ arrival, Toraim has been helping the dwarves keep the road between Eastgate and the Bright Tower clear of undead. While mercenaries and a few survivors from the City Watch have been keeping the path clear right up to the tower, the dwarves had been charged with patrols from Eastgate ot the Bright Gate, a gatehouse separating Oldtown and The Point along the Dragon Road.

One week ago, on the 10th of Selefis, Toraim and a group of dwarves were escorting a group consisting of Ysildaë, her two elven companions, a tiefling and several humans, to the Tower Gate. As they made their way down the Dragon Road towards the gatehouse, a low rumbling of voices could be heard. Swelling out from the alleys, a horde of undead ambled after the group who escaped through the Bright Gate before it was shut and barricaded. There, they met Marcusic, a skald from Haemil that had traveled to Talanor before the storm that broke the world.

Since the 15th of Selefis, the City Guard of Earthenwork have coordinated with the Bright Tower to begin clearing The Point for the refugees to inhabit. However, things haven’t gone smoothly as undead have been found most everywhere. This morning, the 17th of Selefis, a call has gone out to all able bodied persons to report to the Bridge to assist. Marcusic, coordinating with the City Guard, began to assemble several teams under his command. His first recruit was Toraim. He knew the dwarf was resolute and determined to help reestablish control of the Vale. Besides, he had been offered assistance from Akula, and who better than a fellow devotee to Valthyra to pair with the noblewoman. Toraim also turned to Ysildaë for aide. The elf had been aching to get back into the city and away from the Tower since she had arrived.

Heading to the end of the bridge, the trio spotted several other hopefuls standing in line waiting to be selected. A hulking human warrior is inspecting the recruits, accepting those capable of defending themselves and rejecting the others. A smallish young female with unruly blonde hair that the warrior had dismissed, sulked through the crowd and made her way into the piazza where the groups were mustering. She glances about nervously, unsure where to head, when Toraim takes her by the arm just as Marcusic approaches them.

”Toraim… Ysildaë… glad to see you’ve recovered from the rough journey from Eastgate,” he says with a slight nod of his head. Turning to the half-orc, he continues with a more formal tone, ”Lady Akula. We’re thankful to have you with us.” Only then does he notice Maria. ”And you are?” he inquires looking a bit confused and passing a quick glance to the dwarf.

The constable hands Toraim a map of The Point.

“We’ve taken control of The Tired Flame Inn. Just to the northeast,” he says pointing to the two story tavern just beyond the end of the bridge. “Sir Cássyon and the City Guard are going to concentrate their efforts on securing the buildings along the Lake Road. Hopefully, they will clear the area all the way to the Estate’s gatehouse. We need to stop the flow of undead coming from that district. We’d like you to secure the Happy Giant Bakery… yea, yea, I know, nothing happy about that place now… but the ovens there will certainly help with food production! Once you clear the bakery, send word to me at the inn, and I’ll send someone to occupy it while you hit another target. Questions?”

Inside the tower, Kayin had set up a small general store in one of the guest chambers. Although a capable fighter, he had excelled these past, dark days as a master trader. Procuring items from one source, only to trade it quickly for a profit to a waiting buyer. During this time, before the portal opened and the tower filled with the homeless highlanders, Sautekh and Titan had accompanied Marcusic into the Point to ferry supplies and news back from Eastgate. Kayin had joined them on occasion, trying to scavenge what he could from the city before any wandering dead found them. Randall had also joined them once or twice, as the tiefling was eager to reestablish a connection to the paladin. Marcusic also called upon this foursome to lend a hand. Knowing that the everyone must pull together and that the spoils of what they found in the city would be theirs to keep as Kayin had eagerly reminded them, all of them heeded the call. Waiting at the mustering point on the far edge of the bridge, the group spotted Marcusic making his way slowly through the throngs of people. The constable stopped and looked to be talking to a half-elven female with an oversized axe. She nods and stands, towering over Marcusic. The pair walks straight over to the group.

”Sautekh… Titan… Kayin and Randall… I’d like you to meet Muraisa of the First Lands. That is, if you haven’t already had the pleasure,” he says with a large grin. ”The day is sure to be long, and strong axes shouldn’t be overlooked. If you run into trouble, just fall back to the bridge.” Marcusic turns and waves a hand at another group. ”Excuse me for a minute. I’ll come back by after making an announcement.”


At The Happy Giant Bakery

Marcusic asks the group to secure the Happy Giant Bakery near the old clock tower in the northern square of The Point.

The Second Scribe

Kayin, Muraisa, Randall and Titan set off for the Second Scribe to clear the building. Upon arrival, they find the shop overrun by three zombies.

At The Constable’s Príosún

Marcusic asks the group to secure the Constable’s Príosún after a failed attempt by the City Command.

The Cracked Barrel Brewery

Kayin, Muraisa, Randall and Titan discuver the hidden caverns beneath the brewery and find several crates with the hidden remains of mortals.

Clock Tower

The party tracks the missing children to the Clock Tower square in the Point.

House Rules

This campaign is played with the Pathfinder 1st Edition Rule set with the following modifications.

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Campaign - Last Haven

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