Campaign - The Ursikka's Cave

The Ursikka’s Cave

Beyond the Ursikka’s nest, a small passage leads to another cavern. Here Niyut approaches a figure lying on the ground and realizes that it is a frozen, corpse that had died long ago. The skin is shriveled and taut without eye. The thin, stringy hair is matted and frozen to the hooded cloak that has significantly deteriorated. The ears give a clue to its elven origin yet, they are not as elegant as she had seen of the Clan of Chana. You would guess that the person was once half-elven. Nothing on the body that can be seen is magical. As she rummages through the corpses’ belongings, Niyut finds a fine waterskin made of a thin metallic mesh. Still filled with a liquid, she can see that it is a large quantity of a magical potion that will allow a person to breath underwater.

To the south, Garidan slowly moves into the southern cavern, covering his mouth and nose to avoid a wretched stench. A fine dust stirs as he enters this barren and dry cave. As the stench begins to overwhelm him, he notices a rough, blackened mound along the northern edge where the cavern wall slopes inward sharply creating a small overhang. The mound has a shallow sheen to it and is clearly the source of the odoriferous emanations.

With a closer inspection, the mound was once some sort of deposit upon the cavern floor that has now hardened, almost petrified. Garidan reaches out and is able to break off a small chunk before gaging violently and stumbling out of the cavern. The small nugget retrieved by Garidan is a chunk of petrified bat guano. The guano is an ancient spell component for Fireball that is consumed upon use. It will grant the Sickened Spell metamagic feat upon a single casting of Fireball. Any creature who fails their save by more than 10 will receive the nauseated condition while in the spells original blast radius. If they leave the blast radius, the condition becomes sickened for the duration.

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Campaign - The Ursikka's Cave

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