Campaign - Umbrage of Talanor

The Umbrage of Talanor

Current Date: 4th of Dasyris, 7995 E.C.

The Story Begins…

It begins just a few days after the survivors from Haemil, the people of Earthenwerk, arrived through the portal. The City Guard have established a foothold in the Vale of Talanor by clearing the zombies from The Point while the dwarves of Eastgate have similarly cleared most of Oldtown. Not surprisingly, very few inhabitants of Oldtown survived the Shaping. The dwarves are attempting to maintain order in Oldtown, but looting and squatting by the refugees arriving into the Vale from beyond Eastgate is now rampant. All the while, tension between the City Guard of Haemil and the dwarven lords of Eastgate grows as these two proud realms find themselves uncomfortably close to one another.


The Dry Fountain of Celestri

With the lake dried up, a food and water shortage is overtaking the Vale. Arrington, the First Apprentice to the Hazard of Talanor, has asked Maddok to travel to the temple of Celestri, the Vengeful in Oldtown. A fountain in the temple brings water to Æustëra from Talahm’füar, the Plane of Water according to legend. But now, the fountain has stopped flowing since the Shaping. Maddok is asked to restore the fountain. He is accompanied by Anarin Ralomenor, an Noble Elf, at the behest of Gunther Krögen, a nobleman of Haemil and presently the Third Apprentice to the Hazard of Talanor. Arrington has told Maddok to find Jorji, a gnome that Arrington knew from Kaladrym, the northern entrance into the Vale settled by gnomes. As Jorji was staying at Davees Stagecoach Inn in Oldtown, Maddok made his way there and found the gnome, recruiting him to help them explore the temple. They were joined by Xifira Calgrace, an employee of the Inn and under the care of the proprietor, a retired halfling adventurer, Brombor Thornfell.

By the Leave of Lady Merlana

Looking down the cobbled stone road, you see the rising towers of the Deathknelt Keep looming overhead. A light blue flag bearing a two golden hands ripples in the whipping, cold wind that has been present since last night. One hand is stretched out, its fingers spread wide while the other is clinched in a tight fist.

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Campaign - Umbrage of Talanor

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