Disease - Death Rot

Death Rot


The paladin recoiled from Muraisa. In her eyes, he had seen the shadow of his dreams reflected back at him. Dreams that Selefahn had revealed to him over the years. Dreams he thought were his own. Manifestations of his fears. He had seen the doom of the world. A blackened shadow rising in the cosmos. Spreading like a plague. He had seen a sea of bones where Selefahn would come and usher the souls of the dead to the ether and beyond. There, the shadow descended and turned the bones black as blood. It dried the river of tears cried for no one. The demons in the wastelands fled from the shadow and were consumed by the darkness. The bones stirred and came to life filled with hatred and blackened with corruption. The paladin looked back at Muraisa. A horrific look upon his face. She and Randall carried the doom of Selefahn.


The natural attacks of a Zombie of Talanor carries the Death Rot disease. Death Rot: Bite or slam—injury; save Fort DC 12; onset ? days; frequency ?; effect ?; Anyone who dies while infected rises as a zombie in ?.

Beastiary – Humanoid Zombie
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Disease - Death Rot

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