Domain - Fertility

Fertility Domain

The seed of your own fertility affects all living things around you.

Granted Powers

Fecundity of the Sacred Mother (Minor)

You may cause flower, creeping ivy to spring up whenever you cast a spell that restores HP. When you cast such a spell, as a swift action, choose a five foot square within close range: any character in that square must make reflex save (DC: 10+1/2 Cleric Level + Wis modifier) or become entangled. On their next turn, entangled creatures breath in the pollen, which has a healing and soporific effect. (Creatures entangled by this effect gain Fast Healing 1 and have a 25% chance to be dazed.) You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + Wis Modifier. This ability can only be used in areas of earth and stone. The vines last a number of rounds equal to your Wis modifier.



Domain Spells

2nd – Ease Labor
3rd – Rebirth
4th – Fertility
7th – Live Oak
9th – Invocation of the Sacred Mother

Teysura, the Sacred Mother
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Domain - Fertility

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