Domain - Harbinger

Harbinger Domain

You are a harbinger of the world’s end.

Granted Powers

[Minor Power]


Prophet of the End Times (Major)

At 8th level, creatures damaged by you (through any fashion) gain a cumulative -1 for each instance of damage to all of their rolls. [Maximum: Your Cleric Level/4] This is a [curse] effect which lasts until you are destroyed, they enter an of area bright light, bath in holy water, or they see the dawn. At 12th level, you experience the effects of Death Knell whenever a creature suffering one of your [curse] effects dies.

Domain Spells

1st – Ill-Omen
7th – Prediction of Failure
9th – The Apocalypse of Kiravor

Kiravor, the Harbinger of Death
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Domain - Harbinger

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