Faith - Temple of the First Light

The Temple of the First Light

The Temples of the First Light are a network of churches found in most major cities of the known world. They are governed by a conclave of clerics dedicated to Teysura, the Sacred Mother. The church in upper sections of Earthenwork in the Kingdom of Haemil is the central governing body that assigns duties to the priests and priestesses.


The history of the faith should include its origination point and significant events/people.

Organizational Structure

This should include a description of the formal organization of the church along with ecclesiastical authority, rule making and discipline.


Becah Tyuyvord is the High Priestess at the Temple of the First Light in Earthenwork.

Other Notable NPC’s:



A canon is an ecclesiastical rule or law enacted by a council or other competent authority within the faith.

Holy Sites

Teysura has some of the oldest temples and altars throughout the world.

The Sanctum of the Sacred Mother

The Sanctum of the Sacred Mother is an ancient temple built within the Vale of Talanor. Over time, the actual site was lost as the vale and the surrounding city has burned several times. Each time, the city is rebuilt upon its ruin.


Many artifacts and relics have been attributed to Teysura since the beginning of time. Many of them come in the form of a cherry blossom or cherry tree.



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Faith - Temple of the First Light

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