Faith - The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is a secret society of warrior priests who promulgate the worship of Kiravor. The Brotherhood was started by several dwarves of noble houses and has seven high priests who are the only identified members of the Brotherhood by the other disciples. Every other disciple protects his identity from the others.

All rituals of the Brotherhood are performed in secrecy and at night. All brothers carry a golden skull which serves as his personal implement and contact with the skull carried by his high priest. The Seven Skulls of Kiravor are the central relics of the Brotherhood. The skulls are made of gold with eyes of precious stones. Each has a different type of stone for its eyes (rubies, diamonds, emeralds, topaz, sapphire, opal and jade). The skulls are reportedly the skulls of seven godlings killed during the Godling Wars. The locations of the skulls are unknown.


The history of the faith should include its origination point and significant events/people.

Organizational Structure

This should include a description of the formal organization of the church along with ecclesiastical authority, rule making and discipline.


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A canon is an ecclesiastical rule or law enacted by a council or other competent authority within the faith.

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Faith - The Brotherhood

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