Guild - The Arcana Dominum

The Arcana Dominum

As the Reign of Kings came upon the Known World, Bærwynnd went to the Vale of Talanor and built the Bright Tower, which became the epicenter of divination. He named himself the First Hazard of Talanor and the tower was a bastion of knowledge where all those trained in the arcane arts could come and hone their craft.

The Bright Tower of Talanor

Since its construction in 315 E.C., the Bright Tower in the Vale of Talanor has been the seat of the Sodality of Vision. Bærwynnd, the Diviner, has been heralded as the First Hazard of Talanor since its formation.

Bærwynnd has set forth five tenants to be followed among them members of his order.

  1. Competence must be proven to the Hazard to call oneself a Proven Diviner.
  2. Knowledge shall be shared among all the Proven who seek it.
  3. Should a Hazard return to the Ether in spirit, all of the Proven shall vote for a new Hazard.
  4. All of the Proven shall pledge fealty to the Order and none other.
  5. Divination through death is strictly forbidden.

Bærwynnd resides in Talanor, the Bright Tower, and has established it the home to the Proven. He has taken many apprentices over the years, tending to keep three to four in training at all times. The Proven are admitted through a test of their capabilities. The Hazard is elected by popular vote of all members. However, since Bærwynnd is the first and only Hazard, no vote has yet to take place.

Cälaturrim, the Marble Tower

The most powerful seat of the order can be traced back to the Shrine of the Summoner high in the Iron Mountains during the Godling Wars. Following a massive earthquake caused by Mylesar’s assault on Gaeruhn’s refuge. Following the war, advanced studies of conjuration centered on the iconic city of Earthenwork within the Kingdom of Haemil. In the upper city of Earthenwork, lies Cälaturrim, the Iron Tower. The tower is home to the Sodality of Being.

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Guild - The Arcana Dominum

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