Immortals - Spawn

The Spawn

The immortal Spawn of the Deities resulted from either their union with mortals and the negative energy of the Primal Planes or were created as a consequence of a Deity’s thoughts and actions.


Asura, as immortal fiends whose origins are rooted in rejection and destruction, are the embodiment of wrath. They are the manifestations of divine accident, living blasphemies risen from wrath of the deities themselves as they destroyed and consumed the Material Plane.


Harbingers of ruin and embodiments of the worst ways to die, daemons epitomize painful death, the all-consuming hunger of evil, and the utter annihilation of life. More so than among any other fiendish race, the daemons lust after mortal souls and the ethereal essence that flows through them. They are born of the deities’ lust for ethereal energy and the world of flesh. Giving in to the carnal desires, the deities ended their union with humanity in the consumption of the mortal’s soul, spawning the immortal deamon.


Misshapen and foul to behold, demodands are known by some scholars as the Warspawn as they first came to be from the destruction of the Avatars of Kiravor and Gaeruhn by the Ealintaine. As the pride of victory over the vile brothers swelled in Calledrym and Mylesar, among others, the energy released by the avatars’ destruction took shape in the lasting thoughts of the Ealintaine. Despite their physical repulsiveness, however, all demodands possess a drop of their creators’ power. This trace of near-divine power makes them as formidable as they are vicious.


Masters of corruption and despoilers of purity, devils seek to destroy all things good and drag mortal souls back with them to the depths of the Plane of Blood. Manifestations of the greed of the deities as they vie for power within the cosmos, the devils seek to corrupt and control all mortal souls.


Despicably cruel and equally horrible to gaze upon, kytons are evil fiends who feed on the fear and suffering of mortals through painful supernatural means. Their monstrous appearances vary, but their stoic and amoral dispositions are universal, for no kyton cares anything for the plights typical of the creatures they prey upon. The original kytons were born of the first truly selfish and depraved thoughts conceived by mortals before the Godling Wars. As mortal thoughts and desires languished in the ether when the Ealintaine sat idle, the Kyton awoke and took shape, invading the Primal Planes.


Before Kiravor came from the Void, he looked out past the Ether and saw the Material World with jealous eyes. His envy of the great power of the Sacred Mother spawned the qlippoth within the ether. After his arrival in the Material Plane upon the First World, the qlippoth took refuge in the Plane of Death. Here, the qlippoth have festered and lurked for ages with bitterness and contempt for all living things..


Rakshasas are born on the Material Plane, but they are not of it. They possess the powers and shapes of fiends, but their fates are inexorably tied to the mortal world, and it is there that they seek to rule. Manifestations of a deity’s obsession with earthly pleasures, these fiends are the embodiments of the very nature of materialistic evil

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Immortals - Spawn

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