Immortals - The Godlings

The Godlings

Many stories have been told of the Lesser Spirits that awoke during the Godling Wars. They fought for both sides and many died taking their unique thoughts with them back into the void. These spirits have unique powers that they can and have lent to mortals, but they are not strong enough to grant domains for their followers. Instead, they often come in visions as inspiration or even, for the lucky few, appear before the mortal offering assistance but often with a price. The Godlings are capable of travel between the Ether and Prime Material Plane. Many of them reside upon the world taking the form as an avatar.

Aerista, the True

Godling of Nobility – Calledrym’s daughter, Aerista, the True, sacrificed herself for the horselords of the Plains of Haemil. Her essence was absorbed by the great chieftain, Thullan, forever changing the mortality of the man and women of Haemil.

Aêyss, the Silver Dragon

Godling of Ice – Aeyss, the silver dragon, along with Sacryff, the paladin, descends into the earth in search of Gaeruhn during the godling wars. They encounter the god and Sacryff was mortally wounded defending Aêyss’s retreat to the surface.

Bærwynnd, the Diviner

Godling of Clouds – Bærwynnd is the Magi of Air and wields the Crystal Scythe of Dasyra as his bonded staff. His dedication to Dasyra has led him to confrontations with Calledrym his father. It was his search for a way to release Dasyra from the stars that led him to look too deep within the ethereal plane and perceive the void.

Brandaynë, the Dryad

Godling of Travel – It was the offspring of Jhaeros, the young gypsy, Brandaynë that first learned to teleport. She is the mother of Dryads and taught them to move from tree to tree. She traveled the first world searching out every location and marveling at what she saw.

Chaemáz, the Twisted

Godling of Excess – Chaemáz was a cancerous mass that fell from Gaeruhn during his battle with Dasyra. The mass began to consume the world and grew to an enormous size sprouting a head and appendages. He consumed the hobgoblin army and produced the lowly goblins.

Cèttora, the Serpent

Godling of Wrath – The daughter of Celestri, she was the personification of the dangers of the sea. During the Godling Wars, Cèttora took the form of an enormous scaled serpent has the head of a shark, powerful claws, and a maw wide enough to swallow a small ship.

Ez’gellân, the Wolf

The Godling of Famine – Violent and irrational, Ez’gellân is worshipped by a sect of Vatic Elves. His priests offer souls for his consumption.

Fûqynn, the Whisperer

Godling of Blood – Fûqynn is the spawn of Gaeruhn and Kiravor; Kiravor beheld Gaeruhn in his rage as he consumed the first flesh of mortals that Amus had created. As the blood dripped from the Greater Spirit’s mouth, Kiravor took thought of blood and wondered at its taste. He reached and let the first blood spill into onto his right hand. As he tasted the raw ethereal energy it took form in his mouth and spat out Fuqynn.

Gleinedur, the Hallowed

Godling of Earth – Teysura’s first-born son, he arose from the First World, wanders the land awaiting the goddess’ return.

Gowhærn, the Resolute

Godling of Stone – Gowhærn, the Resolute is an offspring of Teysura that helped the Divinium construe Earthenwork during the Godling Wars. The cliffs separating the upper and lower cities of Earthenwork are named after the godling.

Gururth, the Burnt

Godling of Ash – Born of Gaeruhn’s torment upon the world. Burned the Dwarves in the Iron Mountains.

Ithuriel, the Steward

Godling of Life – Ithuriel rarely takes the form of an avatar as the light of the ether shines to bright within him. His image is overwhelming to all mortals. Rather, he stays in the form of a golden dragon. He is elusive choosing to live in the clouds high above Æustëra.

Izlain, the Sleeper

Godling of Reverie – The daughter of Selefahn, serves both the living and the dying mortals. To the living, she gives peaceful sleep with memories of days long past and visions of a hopeful future. To the dying, she comforts their sleep and brings them to the Plane of Bone, where her mother will embrace them. Izlain is also referred to as the Songstress of the Dreaming.

Laëlynn, the Just

Godling of Valor – Laëlynn is the daughter of Ralloryss.

Lefanotus, the Obsessed

Godling of Bone – He is the Scrimshander, created scrimshaw magic and the first Tupilaq. He is a hunter of those that defile the tombs of mortals. He often visiting the Plane of Bone.

Leontil, the Blessed

Godling of Quiet Waters – Born of Celestri’s calming thoughts of Teysura. Leontil is said to reside in the babling streams and brooks of the world. He is also the spirit that brings good fortune to those digging wells. Most notably, he took a sea shell and ladled water from the Rynin Sea for a dying Dysra to quench her thirst before succumbing to her wounds. This shell is depicted in the stars next to the Evening Star.

Lorÿndol, the Lonely

Godling of Solitude – Son of Faenithol, this Godling seeks out peace and serenity.

Ngânir, the Maiden

Godling of the Fount – Daughter of Celestri who brings solace to the weak, sick and the dying.

Rella, the Dancer

Godling of Friendship – Another daughter of Teysura, Rella is whimsical and happy. She spends her time dancing and bringing happiness to others. She is friend to all living creatures and wanders the deep forests of the world. She created a wand from the first willow tree as the aging timber succumbed to age.

Sændör, the Forgotten

Godling of Memories – The son of Vaevys spoke the first legends to man. Enchanted a hummingbird’s feather to make it a magical quill.

Sa’crÿff, the Champion

Godling of Loyalty – Sa’crÿff, a lesser spirit, was a devoted friend and defender of Aêyss, the Silver Dragon. He wielded a greataxe wrought by the dragon herself. The godling was very much in love with the dragon.

Shépella, the Owl

Born from the tears of Vra’lithe as he wept before Selefahn upon the Plane of Bone. Shépella arrived upon the battlefield as the herald of Vra’lithe and a sign of the coming death to the armies of Kiravor. She is depicted as an owl. Wise and ever present. Watching over death in the night

Sirzadon, the Mage

Godling of Arcana – Sirzadon, who lost both of his eyes during the Godling Wars, is a relatively weak god. Prior to the war, he was considered the only godling who may challenge the power of the Ealintaine. In fact, several of the greater spirits considered the possibility that Sirzadon may unseat Caladrym as Lord of Talmor. However, Kiravor, Gaeruhn, and Korlez attacked him, defeating and maiming the godling.

Suriel, the Beacon

Godling of Duality – Suriel is the Godling of Duality. She was born of Vra’lithe’s love for Teysura. She is both Fire and Earth… Destruction and Rebirth.. Male and Female.

Täshera, the Arisen

Godling of Fire – Täshera is the dragon offspring of Vra’Lithe and a lesser spirit whose tears ignited a blaze that scorched part of Esteparon.

Tessékor, the Pustulant

Godling of the Plague – Born from the depths of Kiravor’s heart and Gaeruhn’s ambition, Tessékor knows naught but death.

Um’räunth, the Adumbration

Godling of Shadow – Grahlithe first took the form of the Avatar during the godlings wars to see to safety of his children, the Hobgoblins. During his time on the world, Gaeruhn came to him and offered him a place within his forsaken realm of blood. Grahlithe acquiesced but then refused to partake in the war. His blood was spilled by Gaeruhn as Grahlithe escaped into the Plane of Shadow. Gaeruhn brought life to the blood of the Avatar and created Um’räunth. Upon his birth, he took the form as a shadowy and faint image of a dragon.

Unürno, the Stag

The Godling of Fertility – Ünurno is worshipped as a deity by a small sect of Broanins. His name means, “horned one” in their language. He appears human-like with antlers of the stag and the claws of bear. His thick, greenish hide is partially covered in black fur that matches his long, flowing mane.. He represents male energy and the beginning of the cycle of the seasons. In spring, he is resurrected and he impregnates the fertile goddess of the land, Teysura.

Utäm, the Maker

Godling of Strength – Utäm came from the fertile thoughs of Mylesar during the Godling Wars as his prideful thoughts became delusions of grandeur. The godling created the Giants in his image as he sought to dominate Æustëra in the years that followed the wars. His battles with his Dragon brethren for a thousand years set the animosity between the Giants and the Dragons forever.

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Immortals - The Godlings

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