Item - Ampoule of Gnorl

The Ampoule of Gnorl

This small bulbous glass vessel is one of Ampoules of the Nightblood. It is strung on a thin cord made of braided fibers, adorned with a pair of whithered fangs. When dipped into the Well-spring of Vash, it captures a small amount of deep red liquid from the pool and draws on the energy of the Nightblood ancestors residing in the Dreaming. Each ampoule is unique drawing on the living essence of a specific, random ancestor.


1 Ethereal Point


Gnorl, the Doomed



Triggered Effects:

Catalyst of Doom (1 EP)

While wearing the ampoule the bearer gains the ability to place the Misfortune hex on any creature as a spell-like ability. This effect increases the item’s EP by 1. (Innate)

Consumable Effects:

Aura of Doom

Drinking the contents of the ampoule creates an 30’ aura around the consumer which lasts for 1 full round until the beginning of the consumers next turn. The aura confers the Misfortune hex upon a number of enemies equal to the consumers character level affecting each ability check, attack, save or skill check made by that enemy until the end of the aura. Once consumed, the ampoule loses all worn or held effects. (Innate)

Vault – Curios
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Item - Ampoule of Gnorl

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