Item - Bow of the Devourer

Bow of the Devourer


The dark wood composite longbows are made of a burnt ash. Faint red runes can be seen when the bow string is drawn back.



Current Owner

Varies, HD.7

Held Effects:

Enhancement Bonus

+1 Attack bonus. (Innate)

Flaming (Innate)

Fire damage 1d6.

Consume Soul (Innate)

This weapon consumes the Life Essence of anyone it hits who fails a Will Save DC15. The bow also consumes the Life Essence of any mortal creature that dies from an arrow fired by the bow. (Bonded Only)

Triggered Effects:

Vile Arrow (Innate)

Upon drawing the bow string, the runes upon the shaft glow red. If it is held by its bonded master, a black arrow with putrid, black fletching appears. (Bonded Only)

Vault – Relics
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Item - Bow of the Devourer

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