Item - Breastplate of Mylesar

Breastplate of Mylesar

The Breastplate of Mylesar will appear as armor appropriate to the wearer. That is, on a paladin it will appear as shining, full plate armor, but on… let’s say a half-troll, for example, it will appear as a rusty, dented breastplate that may fall apart at any moment. The breastplate was a gift from Mylesar to Jÿllnar, a legendary barbarian warrior. Jÿllnar had a battle cry that would shake the ground and cause all opponents to gaze upon him momentarily. He never lost a fight once he challenged an enemy. Upon his birth, the oracles of his tribe, prophesized that he would become a great tribal leader and would father more children than stars in the sky. He conquered all the tribes east of the shadow mountains. His son established the Kingdom of Esteparon. Upon his death, Mylesar brought Jÿllnar to his halls and to this day Jÿllnar serves him.

At 1st level it will act as normal breastplate armor with a +6 armor bonus. At 2nd level and every two levels thereafter (i.e. 4th, 6th, 8th, etc.), the armor’s bonus will increase by +1, so, for example, by 6th level it is acting as full plate armor. Additionally, at each of these levels the Armor Check Penalty will decrease by 1 until the penalty is 0 at level 9. Finally, speed is never affected by the breastplate. You will always have a full movement while wearing this armor.



Current Owner


Worn Effects:

Damage Reduction

The Breastplate is made of pure adamantine (damage reduction of 2).

Skill Bonus: Intimidation

The Breastplate gives any character wearing it a +5 to Intimidation

Triggered Effects:

Revitalization of the Warrior

Once per day, if the wearer reaches 0 or fewer hit points, the breastplate will heal him for 1d8 plus 1d8 per 3 levels of the character. So, 1d8 at 1st level; 2d8 at 3rd level; 3d8 at 6th level; etc

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Item - Breastplate of Mylesar

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