Item - Fanged Dagger

The Fanged Dagger


Grunting heavily, the forgemaster turns his attention to the construction of the dagger, a field in which he is imminently more qualified. The swirling pattern of the folded metal of the blade is reminiscent of the techniques taught within his own guild, but the skill is rudimentary. Only an early apprentice would make such a loose swirl. A master would do much better. However, the intricate work on the handle is brilliant. The grip, itself, appears as a scaly leather. Two fangs extend from the cross-guard, inset within the fuller along the flat of the blade on either side. Two small emeralds are set in the pommel. Looking closer, Toraim notices a small pinhole at the tip of either fang. Following the engraving of the fang back, he sees them intertwine as they wrap around the grip and connect to the pommel. With a slight twist the cap of the pommel, it compresses down and pops off the handle. A short, sharp prick extends from the inside of the cap. The dwarf peers down at the handle to see that it is hollow with a thin glass tube filled with black fluid.



Current Owner


Triggered Effects:

Poison (Non-magical)

Depressing the trigger on the pommel of the dagger, a vial of poison will leak onto the blade.

Vault – Masterwork
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Item - Fanged Dagger

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