Item - Morgryms Axe

Morgrym’s Axe

+3 Dwarven Waraxe

Originally owned by Morgrym Hammerfist, the axe has bonded with the half-orc bloodrager from the First Lands, Truk-tosh.


6 Ethereal Points

Damage: 2d8; x3

Current Bond


Held Effects:

Enhancement Bonus

+1 Attack bonus to the axe as the massive arms of the hill giant imparts a powerful effect upon the weapon. (EE3: Hill Giant)
+1 Attack bonus to the axe as the strength of the ursikka is infused into the metal of the axehead. (EE11/EE12:Ursikka)
+1 Attack bonus to the axe as the huntmaster’s and the hags’ essence etches the metal with ancient runes of lightning. (EE5: Ghoul Huntmaster; EE8/EE9: Storm Hag)

Ancestral Bloodrage

While the wielder is bloodraging, he can cast a bonus spell gained from his bloodrager bloodline without expending a spell slot. He can do this three times per day, and must expend a number of rounds of bloodrage equal to the level of the spell to be cast. The wearer must meet all the other requirements for spellcasting. (Enchantment1:Furious Falchion)

Furious Headbutt (Bonded Only)

When bloodraging, if Truk’tosh makes a full attack action in melee range and hits on at least one attack, he gets a free headbutt attack at his full BAB against the same target. If successful, the headbutt causes 1d6 for each successful attack from the full attack round plus his strength bonus.This attack doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity. (Enchantment1:Furious Falchion)

Giant Bane (Bonded Only)

The geist’s essence fuses with the axe, making its enhancement bonus +2 better than its actual bonus against giantkin. It also deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against giantkin. (EE6: Geist)

Giant Rage (Bonded Only)

Harnessing the power of the hill giant, Truk’tosh can bloodrage for 2 additional rounds per day. (EE3: Hill Giant)


An impact weapon delivers a potent kinetic jolt when it strikes, dealing damage as if the weapon were one size category larger. In addition, any bull rush combat maneuver the wielder attempts while wielding the weapon gains a bonus equal to the weapon’s enhancement bonus; this includes all bull rush attempts, not only those in which a weapon is used, such as Bull Rush Strike, Shield Slam, or Unseat. (Boon: Magi of Water)


An impervious weapon is warded from damage and decay. A metallic weapon cannot rust and a wooden weapon cannot rot or warp, even by magical or supernatural means. An impervious weapon gains double the normal bonus to its hardness and hit points for each point of its enhancement bonus. The break DC for an impervious weapon and the wielder’s combat maneuver defense against sunder maneuvers against the impervious weapon each gain a bonus equal to twice the weapon’s enhancement bonus. (EE7: Gnoll Priest)

Phantom’s Rage (Bonded Only)

Empowered by the rage of the evil geist, Truk’tosh can bloodrage for 2 additional rounds per day. (EE6: Geist)

Rabid Canine (Bonded Only)

Infused with the lustful hate of the gnoll, wielding the axe allows Truk’tosh to bloodrage for 2 additional rounds per day. (EE7: Gnoll Priest)

Triggered Effects:

Awesome Strike (Bonded Only; 1 EP)

The essence of the Ursikka empowers the axe allowing Truk’tosh, as a standard action, to make a single power attack at his highest BAB. If the attack is successful, he knocks his target back 10’ in addition to the normal damage. If the attack is a confirmed critical, you knock the target back 10’ plus 10’ for every 5 character levels you possess, and the target is knocked prone. This effect increases the item’s EP by 2. (EE11/EE12:Ursikka)

Might of the River (Bonded Only; 1 EP)

Activating this effect, Truk’tosh can, for a number of rounds equal to his character level, call upon the elemental plane of water, as a swift action, to add 1d8 damage to his axe and convert all damage by the axe for that round into cold damage. This effect increases the item’s EP by 1. (Boon: Magi of Water)

Storm Strike (Bonded Only; 1 EP)

Wielding the axe, Truk’tosh may call upon Mylesar to gather the power of the storms, as a swift action, and make an additional attack at his highest BAB. Such an attack deals an additional 1d6 points of electricity damage per 5 character levels. This effect increases the item’s EP by 3. (EE5: Ghoul Huntmaster; EE8/EE9: Storm Hag)

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Item - Morgryms Axe

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