Item - Morgryms Holy Symbol

Morgrym’s Holy Symbol of Mylesar

Divine Casting Bond

The holy symbol is a wound-wire ram skull which has bonded to Truk’tosh


10 Ethereal Points

Current Bond


Worn Effects:

Divine Focus

The holy symbol is a divine focus allowing the wearer to cast 1 extra spell/day from the list of the tactics or war domain spells. The character gains access to them as though his cleric level was equal to his character level. So, at CL6, he could cast either Magic Weapon, Aid, Spiritual Weapon or Magic Vestment. Additionally, he can expend EP equal to the level of the spell from the holy symbol to cast further Domain spells in this fashion. (Innate)

Luck Bonus

The thickened hide of the Worg grants you AC +1. (EE10: Worg)

Skill Bonus: Survival (Bonded Only)

+2 survival is granted to you by the primal instincts of the Worg ( +4 in snow/icy conditions) plus the scent monster trait. (EE10: Worg)

Skill Bonus: Climb (Bonded Only)

The strength of the cliff giant within the essence grants you +2 climb bonus. (EE16: Cliff Giant)

Skill Bonus: Intimidation (Bonded Only)

The powerful presence of the Animate Dream fuses into the holy symbol of Mylesar granting Truk’tosh a bonus to intimidation equal to his strength modifier. (EE19/20: Animate Dream; EE21: Furious Falchion)

Skill Bonus: Perception (Bonded Only)

The cliff giant’s innate sense of observation and awareness pulses within the essence and grants you +2 Perception bonus. (EE17: Cliff Giant)

Triggered Effects:

Metamagic: Extend Spell (1-2 EP)

This effect increases the item’s EP by 4. (EE16/17: Cliff Giant)

Metamagic: Lesser Familiar Spell (3 EP)

This effect increases the item’s EP by 6. (EE19/20: Animate Dream; EE21: Furious Falchion)

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Item - Morgryms Holy Symbol

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