Item - Riders Shield

Rider’s Plate


This ornate shield is exquisitely crafted in the Kingdom of Haemil. Each shield is fitted to the rider and cannot be equipped by another without incurring a penalty equal to the broken condition.

Base Stats:

82 gp; +2 AC; -2 ACP; 15% ASF; 17 lbs


This shield is only crafted or repaired by armorer’s trained in Haemil. Like the armor, non-magical repairs (if needed) can only be done by a trained armorer from Haemil and are expensive, costing double the normal amount. Masterwork and mithril versions apply per normal rules. Additionally, it takes a move action to don the shield, but if you have the Quick Draw feat, it can be donned as a Swift Action.

Vault – Masterwork
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Item - Riders Shield

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