Item - Sacryffs Axe

Dyarendi, Sa’crÿff’s Axe

+1 Frost Impact Great Axe

Dyarendi, the greataxe is a bonded relic to its former master, Sa’crÿff, the Paladin of Aêyss. Aêyss, the silver dragon forged the adamantine axe with her ice flames. The axe’s name roughly translates from Draconic into the common tongue as “Flesh Bane”.


Orignally forged by the mortal children of Dasyra for her son, the Godling of Loyalty, the blade is made of the star metal, adamantine. During its final forging, it burned hot, retaining the heat form the star in which it was forged. It was so intense that no mortal could approach the weapon to cool and temper the axe head. Finally, Aêyss, the Godling of Ice, came to the gnomes as a silver dragon. Her skin gleamed with brightness of all the stars in the sky. She came to the axe and exhaled upon it. Her frozen breath hardened the axe, and she kissed the edge imbuing her essence. Seeing the Godling in all of her radiance, Sa’crÿff became her champion and wielded Dyarendi as the champion of Aêyss until his last breath under the earth.

[It dismembered Gaeruhn, chopping his limbs from his body before they regrew, stronger and more powerful with each blow. Finally, the stolen fire of the God of Flesh consumed Sa’crÿff and the axe fell. Gaeruhn named it flesh bane and cast it into the fires of Vra’lithe at the center of the earth.]

Held Effects:

+1 Enhancement Bonus

At 10th level the enhancement increases by +1 and it can cast another ice storm. This increases again at 15th level and 20th level.

Triggered Effects:

Ice Storm

The wielder of Dyarendi can cast ice storm storm 1/day.

Vault – Relics
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Item - Sacryffs Axe

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