Item - Shadowbrood Armor

Shadowbrood Armor

+3 Shadowbrood Cloaker Leather Armor


2 Ethereal Points

AC +6; Max Dex +2; -4 ACP; 10% Arcane Failure (Innate)

Current Bond


Worn Effects:

Enhancement Bonus

+1 AC Enhancement Bonus (EE1: Fire Goblin)
+1 AC Enhancement Bonus (EE2: Ogre Brute/EE4: Bone Golem)
+1 AC Enhancement Bonus (EE13: Tikbalang/EE14/15: Staff)

Bone Exoskeleton (Bonded Only)

The bone golem’s natural defenses fuse with your claoker armor, creating a rigid exoskeleton when you need it. You gain +2 CMD to grappling or disarm attempts. (EE2: Ogre Brute/EE4: Bone Golem)

Triggered Effects:

Spider Climb (Bonded Only; 1 EP)

The strange convergence of essences from the Tikbalang and the Flaming staff infuse into the Shadowbrood Armor. While wearing the armor, Truk’tosh can activate Spider Climb, as a swift action, as though the spell has been cast upon him. The spell functions for a number of round equal to his character level. This effect increases the item’s EP by 1. (EE13: Tikbalang/EE14: Staff/EE15: Staff)

Whipping Tail (Bonded Only; 1 EP)

As a swift action, the wearer can attempt a trip with the armor’s tail. This trip attempt does not provoke an AOO. This effect increases the item’s EP by 1. (EE1: Fire Goblin)

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Item - Shadowbrood Armor

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