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The Arcana Dominum

The controlling order of wizards founded by Bærwynnd, the Diviner and governed by the Council of Hazards. This ancient guild of the arcane has a presence in every major city in the known world by the grace of the ruler.

The Felskulls

Originating in Oldtown in the Vale of Talanor, this guild has grown fencing networks throughout Esteparon and north to the Vallens.

The Forgemasters Guild

These blacksmiths are dedicated to Valthyra, the Faithful in Kahae Edhekal.

The Hollowclaws

A guild of scribes throughout the realms. They utilize a complex weaving of all the primal elements to create runes and texts that connect to the ether. They are identified by dragon claw quills that they use to make their writings.

Iron Legacy Mining Company

The Iron Legacy Mining Company is a Hobgoblin mining company that leases portions of the southern Shadow Mountains from various Dwarves and Dukes that lay claim to the land.

The Red Eye

The Red Eye is a vast network of thieving guilds spread across the world.

Revenge of the Forsaken

Simply called the Forsaken, this gang in the Point in the Vale of Talanor runs a protection ring and a black market for more nefarious items.

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Legendarium - Guilds

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