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The Ealintaine did not speak a language when they came from the void. Rather, their thoughts and emotions were relayed between each other at will. Only when the godlings came into the world and wished to converse did they create the first language. It was called Tâsolüm, which meant “to understand me.” To speak this language, the godlings at first needed to appear as dragons. To the elves, they called this language draconic. At first, the elves, took this as their language, but soon began to desire to speak their own tongue. Their oldest language, which is seldom spoken now, is called High Elvish. Over time it changed into Noble Elven and Low Elven.

When man was first created mortal languages become necessary. When the eight tribes of man scattered across the world they each began to communicate with their own tongue. The Aertens first spoke a very simplistic language that has evolved into Grand Aerti as it incorporated a few derivations of words from draconic. Over time, many words were contracted into what is now called Common Aerti.

The Northern tribes have a distinct language that has joined with the Braonins, Algerians and the Quents.

Old Broani was the Broanin’s language for two thousand years until the Vallens conquered them. They were forced to speak the hybrid Vallen speech that evolved into the Common Tongue of Man.

The denizens of the primal planes each have a dialect of Draconic. The most widely known of these languages is Shälœti, often called Fey-Speech.

Goblin was created by the Hobgoblins and has been slightly altered by various goblinoid races, each having a slightly different dialect.

Dwarven contains some references to draconic and tends to use closed syllables almost exclusively. Words rarely start with voiceless consonants with b, d and g being, by far, the most common.


The language of the Aerten humans based in Haemil. It is verbalized with strong voiced constants and hard vowels.

Old Braoni

The old, seldom spoken language of the Broanin from the Kingdom of Quonos during the Reign of Tranquilty. During the Reign of Kings, the language began to fade from use throughout Esteparon. By the time of the defeat of the Dragon King and the rise of the Hazards, the language was used almost exclusively when referring to the names of places and events. Most humans within Esteparon and the Vale of Talanor had converted to Common Tongue of man.

Tâsolüm (Draconic)

The ancient language of the dragons and godlings. Few people beyond the most learned can translate this language.

Dwarvish -

The old complex language of the dwarves distinguished by its over use of closed syllables and short vowels to create compound words. Adjectives are very rare in this language, rather the noun combines several syllables that help describe the specific noun. The long words are often shortened when written omitting the vowels.

Ärh’Édheliti (Noble Elvish)

The first elves were taught many words of Tâsolüm from Lorrynor, the Sage. Many of these words took some meaning in their language, but soon they were morphed into the elvish language of Ärh’Édheliti.


Shälœti (Fey Speech)

The language of the fey and the other creatures of the Plane of Earth

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Legendarium - Languages

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