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The Lore of Æustëra

Chronicles & Sagas

The Broanin Expansion and the First Kings

The chronicles of the first men to leave the plateau of Haemil following the Godling Wars.

The Chronicles of Haemil

The brief history of the blessed Kingdom of Haemil as told by Fendreld, Scribe of Esteparon and Counsel to Vallenjös III

The Dragon King of Esteparon

The saga of the rise of the Broanin and Quint monarchs in Estaparon following the defeat of the Vallens.

The Inquistive Compendium of Æustëra, 120th Edition (Traveler’s Abridged Edition)

A multi-volume set of chronicles by Mattaracor, the Maimed, each covering a specific branch of knowledge.

Lights in the Darkness

The elvish recounting of the Ealintaine during the Godling Wars by Maryann Lanta, Chanter of Parthis, Devoted Daughter of Faenithol.

My Travels Through the Realms

A first hand description of one man’s journey through the realms of Æustëra.

Of Creation and the Greater Spirits

The chronicles of creation of the cosmos by Enasilaor, the Keeper of History for the Aleamitore House of First Elves

The Rise and Fall of the Vallens

The chronicles of the northmen and their conquering of Esteparon.

The Seven Screams of the Lost Gods

An ancient text found in the library within the Deathknelt Keep of Talanor. It recounts the demise of seven immortals during the Godling Wars.

Myths & Legends

The Call of Tikibalang

This poem is a children’s bedtime story often told to keep the young from straying far from home. It comes in many different wordings, often put to a simple melody. This version is the common recital known to the Firebird Clan in the First Lands.

The Story of the Making of the Clans

The lore of the First Lands as told by Niyut of the Firebird Clan.

Tales of the Reknown

A Hobgoblin’s Dreams

A nightmarish dream by Gruskorb

The Journals of a Swashbuckler

The journals as written by Garidan Vissir during his travels following the Shaping of the world.

Visions of the First Lands

The dreams and conversations of Niyut of the Firebird Clan

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Legendarium - Lore

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