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The Eastern Realms of Æustëra

Timeline of Æustëra

The eastern continent was populated by six tribes of man before the Godling Wars. The battle for supremacy of these fertile lands has dominated the history, each one having conquered large portions of the continent for centuries.

Alterian Wastelands

Once a dominant force within the Kingdom of Esteparon, Alteria has watched its people suffer for thousands of years as their lands were devastated by war and famine. The great city of Belonrog still thrives under a turnstile of would-be lords.


The home of the hobgoblins, the Kingdom of Avenell is a stratocratic monarchy, descended from the three sons of Avenius who share control of the government. This militaristic society is constantly in conflict with itself as powerful and wealthy families have forced a controlled, capitalistic economy within its borders.


The Kingdom of Baerney was the first Broanin settlement by Críodan and his wife, Aíbell upon reaching the lowlands of Esteparon. This seaside town started as a fishing and trade village, eventually growing to a thriving city over the next several centuries.

The Blÿss

The dense, coastal forests to the west of the Shadow Mountains were once the home to the gnomes and an assortment of fey creatures.

Duchies of Esteparon

This fertile region of the continent is bound to the west by the Shadow Mountains and to the east by the Rynin Sea. It was one of the first monarchies of humans following the Godling Wars. At its height, it ruled the descendants of four of the eight tribes of man. It currently is broken into seven separate Duchies. Nestled between the Northern Coasts and the the Duchies of Esteparon, the free cities are a collection of cities which pledge no fealty to a higher sovereignty at this time.

The First Lands

Often referred to as the Savage Lands by those west of the Iron Mountains, The First Lands provide a glimpse of the primordial landscape of the world before the Godling Wars. Clans of Elves, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Humans and Orcs coexist uneasily as they fight for survival against hags, vampires and other creatures time has forgotten..


Haemil is a vast, plateaued plain in the northeast leading to the foothills of the Iron Mountain. Earthenwork, with its stone walls carved from the mountains, is the capital city of the Kingdom of Haemil which controls nearly all of the plateau. Legends suggest that Earthenwork was built by the gods. Calledrym is said to have established it as his stronghold during the great wars against Kiravor. The sheer granite walls of the fortress are seven hundred feet high and over one hundred feet thick. Two massive doors of oak bound by iron stand ready to seal the city off from the rest of the world. It’s been three dynasties of Kings since the doors have been drawn closed as no one has dared to attack the city in ages. Under the Iron Mountains, a network of caves and fissures built by the Mithril Fathers before the Godling Wars, is Ballyndôm, ruled by the iron dwarves.


The southeastern section of the eastern continent was settled by the human descendants of Jeshur and Emironzu. The largest city of the region, Leyrtis, rose to power within 1200 years of end of the Godling Wars. The first city of the halflings is located on the eastern shores of this region. However, since the Empire closed its borders thousands of years ago, the halfling cultures of the region have vanished.

Northern Coasts

Home to the Vallens, one of the eldest tribes of humans that conquered Esteparon after the Godlings Wars, this collection of independent cities is the last vestige of the Vallen culture.


Nynasis is a small section of the lower flatlands along the northeastern shores of the Rynin Sea. The city of Parthis has been the epicenter of the region since its settling while many other independent cities are in constant conflict with each other.


During the height of the Kingdom of Esteparon, Pyhré was a growing port town on the coast along the Rynin Sea. By the time it had grown to be the largest port of call, Pyhré had developed it’s own garrison made of outcasts and lower noble’s whose prospects within the Kingdom were limited.

Ska’édhel (Elf Home)

The elvish realms currently split between the aristocratic society of Greyton and the upstart, racial purists of the roaming host of Mÿragólar. The ruins of an ancient civilization of the elves known as the Kingdom of Barad’el can be found throughout the region controlled by the Aristocracy of Greyton, but the ruins are forbidden to be entered.

Vale of Talanor

The Vale of Talanor is set deep in the northern reaches of the Shadow Mountains. The Vale was founded by Bærwynnd upon finding the vale deep within the Shadow Mountains and building the Bright Tower in 315 E.C. The first established culture arose from the remnants of workers that had constructed the tower. Working the area for resources needed by the tower inhabitants, the human residents built was is now known as Oldtown.

The Under Realms

The Under Realms consist of various self-governed settlements under the Shadow Mountains. These realms below the Shadow Mountains were once connected by a vast underground highway that span several thousand leagues. These passages were invaded by creatures from the depths of the world and have now been shut off from the still thriving realms.

The Western Realms of Æustëra


Kniym Jungle


Kingdom of Rallianan

The Red Gulf

This fertile region of the western continent has languished in constant turmoil since the lands were first discovered by explorers from the east. They displaced the original inhabitants in the first millennium after the Godling Wars. The coasts are ruled by warring kingdoms while the seas are a refuge from the constants wars and the law.

Vünadōr Empire

The Forgotten Lands of Xashari

The central plains of the western continent were once ruled by the Kings of Xashari for thousands of years. However, several centuries ago, the inhabitants of these lands vanished and a vast desert consumed the lands, destroying and burying the ruins of this once great civilization.

The Oceanic Realms of Æustëra

Isle of Exeter

A heavily forested island in the Cobalt Ocean, not far from the ruins of Barad’el.

The Hoarfrost

The frozen continent to the north sits idle awaiting the ice flows of the polar caps that dominate the land to recede.


Populated by the Pynians, distant relatives to the Nynasians. Sailed from Nynasia; founded Syrst

The Southern Arc

Aerimese people stretched across the islands, sea faring race.

The Vestige

The archipelago resting between the Cobalt and Alterian oceans is ruled by a newly anointed Dictator, Qhoksira Tan’dronéc.

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