Lore - Lights in the Darkness

Lights in the Darkness

by Maryann Lanta, Chanter of Parthis, Devoted Daughter of Faenithol, excerpt…

Though Elanil is the Last-Born of the gods, Dasyra is the last of the gods to be known by the mortals. Even Faenithol left the Void before she did. Though last to come, she is our greatest friend amongst the pantheon. This friendship springs from the fact that she lives and dies as we do. She shares in our mortality. This makes her unique amongst the gods.

It is hard to imagine; but, when the Godling War began, the stars did not shine in the night sky. The night was ruled by Kiravor alone. It was a time for fear. During the Godling War, much was lost. Faenithol came and preserved the elves and taught all mortals how to pray, yet that did not restore what had been destroyed. More mortals died in the Godling War than those that now live. Somethings were preserved, and some places were safe, such as the Rynin Sea, but elsewhere all that lived was given over to the whim of Kiravor and the hunger of Gaeruhn. The more Gaeruhn consumed the more he hungered, until his hunger grew so great that he swallowed the sun. In the darkness, Kiravor grew fat on our fear.

It was during this never ending night, that Dasyra stepped into the mortal world from the Void. With her blazing sickle she spilled open Gaeruhn’s stomach — distended and blackened from the heat — and released the sun. Gaeruhn fled from her terrible weapon of light, but Kiravor had grown strong in the darkness. So strong had he become that that he could darken the newly freed sun. He did not fear her sickle for he is fear itself.

Their battle was long and terrible. The world was reshaped by their blows. Where her blood touched the earth, the earth quickened and the gnomes were born. When her sickle tore into his miasma, corruption spilled onto the lands and from it crawled nightmares and demons. Finally, Kiravor smote her ruin, and cast her dismembered corpse into the sea. He could not abide the touch of her sickle, and so he cast it into the night sky where it still shines down on us at the Evening Star.

There is much scholarly debate why Dasyra did not return to the Void when her Avatar was destroyed and why her death was a mortal death. Some speculate that when Kiravor slew her, he slew part of her divinity. Still others say that because she directly entered into the world, the ether had not quickened her power as it had done for her brothers and sisters. In the absence of facts, any fool can speculate.

What we do know is this: Dasyra died a mortal’s death and Selefahn guided her soul into the ether. We also know that she remained in the ether for a time. During this time, the stars kindled in the Heavens forming the twelve constellations. We know that when the twelfth constellation cohered that Vra’lithe left the ether to do battle with the brothers — Gaeruhn and Kiravor. We know following his example, the rest of the pantheon clothed themselves in substance and took the field against the brothers united at last.

Since that time, the wise have been able to read fate in the constellations. The wise tell us that the stars are the bright souls of the virtuous returned from death to guide the turning of the world. The souls of the truly blessed join the stars and add to their luster. The wise tell us that in the time of our greatest need Dasyra will return to us as a mortal woman where she will live and may die to guard our last hope. Until then her soul blazes in the Evening Star, granting grace to her faithful.

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Lore - Lights in the Darkness

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