Lore - Of Creation and the Greater Spirits

Of Creation and the Greater Spirits

by Enasilaor, the Keeper of History for the Aleamitore House of First Elves

Out of the void came thought and it gave life to the universe. It took no form but was aware and began to revel at its own existence. In time, individual thoughts took their own shape and became the Ealintaine. We know them as the Greater Sprits. It was these spirits that created what we now know as the world. As they each became conscious and self-aware, they took a name that has meaning only to themselves. I shall endeavor to explore each of these spirits and give you an understanding of their thoughts.

The first to enter the ether and take shape was Amus, the Elder. She created Time and is its master. Following her, came Calledrym, Celestri, Gaeruhn, Kiravor, Selefahn, Teysura, and Vra’lithe. With them, came the powers of divination through the clouds, bones, water, flesh, death, earth and fire. The seven powers they control have domain over our world. They are divine. They are the Divinium.

Of Amus and the Beginning of Time

Amus, the Elder was the first of the Greater Spirits to gain consciousness. She marveled at her own thought and spent an entire age alone in the void. She could hear the thoughts of the other Greater Spirits but they knew only themselves and would not respond to her. At long last, she gathered all thought together so that she may hear them all at once and she understood. As the knowledge of each thought grew, so grew her own thoughts, and she felt power for the first time. The universe sprang to life as all thought became energy. She named this energy, the Ether, and she drank her fill and stepped out of the void and into the Ether.

Through the next age, Amus watched as each thought took shape and form in the Ether and gave birth to her siblings. She loved each of them and let them grow as they willed, discovering their thoughts and desires. Amus did not interfere with her siblings as they explored the Ether, and she did not dissuade them from their desires as they learned to use the Ether to mold the Material Plane.

The first of her siblings to take shape was Teysura, followed quickly by their brother Kiravor. From those first moments, the younger siblings opposed each other's will, and Amus took it upon herself to make their thoughts coexist within the Ether. While Teysura wished to follow Amus and create life, Kiravor desired only to destroy it. Not wanting either to feel impotent, Amus brought forward a new thought, and it was Time. As Teysura made life, Time would slowly impose Kiravor's thought of death, and the life would begin to fade. Then, from death, life would spring forth again.

For a time, the younger pair were fascinated by the circle that Amus had first thought, but soon, Kiravor became unsettled and desired for death to reign over life. He sought to break the circle and destroy all that Teysura thought to create. But, Amus was the elder sibling and understood the Ether more deeply, and so, she kept the balance. Angered by this, Kiravor withdrew to the void and was not seen for a time…

Of Teysura and the Making of the Known World

Out of the void, a thought took shape and it was the life. So did Content Not Found: teysura-the-great-mother come to be. She took the Ether and made the world, creating every stone, every plant, every bird and every beast. She was the Great Mother to all the world.

Teysura came after Amus and the sisters bonded in the Ether as they created form and substance to their thoughts. Teysura delighted in the universe that Amus had made and there she took the Ether and formed it in her hands. The energy grew bright as it took shape in the Material Plane and became our world. In the depths of the world, she set iron and steel and gems of all sizes and shapes. She carved the mountains and leveled the plains. Upon the world she gave life to the plants, birds and beasts.

She is the Sacred Mother and strives to protect the world and those that live upon it. She does not take vengeance upon those that seak to detroy her creations as she knows that time will heal all wounds and the world will not die…

Of Kiravor and the Ravanging of the World

When Amus called out the Ealintaine and coaxed them out of the void, Kiravor, the Harbinger of Death hesitated. His heart desired power and destruction, but he feared the ethereal realm for he had little control over it. But when Teysura ventured out to see what Amus had found, Kiravor followed her and he took delight in what he saw. Kiravor felt the ether enter him, and he felt its raw power. The ethereal energy radiated with power, and he felt it swell within his being. In a magnificent burst, Kiravor's desires took form as pure force energy. Amplified by his hatred for all things living, he destroyed all the Teysura had first envisioned.

For a time, the goddess did not reimagine the world, but she bid her time until Kiravor grew weary of the ethereal realm and returned to the void where he sought out his brother, Gaeruhn. Believing that Kiravor would not return, Teysura smiled and shaped the Known World from her visions and awoke the first elves…

…Soon Kiravor and Gaeruhn returned to the ethereal realm and saw what Teysura had made. The brothers laid waste to the world and its first inhabitants. Kiravor drank the life of the elves, and watched as their soulless bodies come to life to do his bidding while Gaeruhn feasted on their still living flesh…

…It was Calledrym that finally put an end to the tyranny of the brothers. The mighty god called forth, his friend, Mylesar from the ether and together they taught the first elves to take arms against Kiravor. They fashioned bows and stung Gaeruhn with their power for the first elves drew the ether into each arrow. The elves would have defeated the Flesh Eater had Kiravor not given him an amulet to protect him from the missiles. Gaeruhn continued his feast for another 100 years before Calledrym and Mylesar heard the elven pleas to intercede. The two great gods came forth again from the ether and defeated Kiravor and his younger brother, sending them fleeing into the void…

Of Calledrym and the Defeat of Kiravor

Content Not Found: calledrym was the fourth immortal to have emerged from the Ether when the world was first made. He looked down upon the world and marvelled at what Teysura had done. He smiled at the Mother and said, ’I shall encircle your world and cool her days with my breath and wash her with my tears. The clouds shall be my embrace, the thunder my voice and the lightening shall be my wrath."

Whether Calledrym said those words upon first seeing the world, we shall never know. However, we do know that he claimed dominion over the skies when Teysura, the Blessed Mother, brought the land into being. He is the most powerful god in the Ether, and, as such, receives homage from all of the Immortals. In the ethereal realm, the will of Calledrym is second to none.

Calledrym is the god of the sky, and he perceives all that happens upon Esteparon. He sits in judgement upon us all. It is said that the priests and priestesses of Calledrym often hear the voice of Calledrym upon the wind. The voice, soft as a whisper, will deliver the god's edicts and proclamations to his followers. Only the devout shall hear his voice. The unworthy will hear only the wind but his judgment shall bind all.

When the gods first took to war upon Esteparon, before the birth of the mortals, it was Calledrym that led the armies of good against Kiravor and his blackened heart. When Kiravor was finally cast down, it was Calledrym that other gods heralded as their king. While many of the gods continue to swear their allegiance to him, their priests see Calledrym as a tyrant who rules the other gods by force rather than will.

Of Celestri and the Hallowing of the Seas

While Kiravor hid in the void, Celestri, the Vengeful followed her brother Calledrym into the ether and bore witness to all that had been created. She marveled at the forests and mountains that Teysura had made upon our world and she delighted in the animals, birds and especially the elves. She was the first of the Ealintaine to cross the shadow that lies upon the ether and enter into the world as a physical presence. She walked among the elves and loved them.

She taught the elves to speak and to sing having learned the craft from Veavys, the Dreamer. They crafted the first instruments of sound and created music with her inspiration.

As Celestri led the elves to explore and see their new world, she came upon the great oceans and its wonders. From the ether, the seas had looked nothing more than an empty place of deep blue, but as she stood upon their shores and listened to the sounds of the surf, Celestri began to covet the seas and forsook the elves for a time. She entered the seas and swam among the creatures of the deep, learning all its mysteries.

Celestri grew lonesome as she swam to the depths of the oceans and rode her currents to the ends of the world. She felt lonely and desired the company of the elves whom she loved. She sang to them to from the surf and bid them to come join her. Many of the first elves did and were not seen again. But many remained and stayed upon the land and under the stars under which they first awoke…

…Celestri has only rage and wrath for those who would harm what she loves. The only one permitted to destroy what she loves is Celestri herself.

After the titanic battle between her and her two brothers, she called upon her brother and lover, Calledyrm to come to her and help her wreak her vengeance upon them. But he did not come and would not come until Faenithol taught Solithol to pray because the King of the Gods could not forgive the elves for the faithlessness of his Queen.

When she realized that he would not come to her, Celestri went to the Rynin Sea and hallowed it. It is said that she stayed there in a sulk until Calledyrm created an avatar and reconciled with his lover. Yet, despite all of the misery the expansive nature of her love has caused, Celestri still possesses a wandering eye. Woe to anyone loved by the Queen of the Gods because if she does not destroy them, Calledrym certainly will.

Of Vra’lithe and the Burning Sun

When the world was first created, Vra’lithe, the Everflame did not come into the ether but rather stayed in the void and listened to the voices of the Docti as they reveled in what Amus and Teysura had created. Finally, he succumbed to the emotions he felt and came to the ether. His thoughts could not penetrate the ether and come upon the world to behold it. His desire grew and the energy burst from Vra’lithe in a radiant burst of light. The energy burst through the barrier that separated the world from the ether and formed the sun. Vra’lithe’s power is set about our world and flows from the fiery orb that circles the universe. Through it, his power is felt for his thoughts do not come…

…During the Godling Wars, Vra’lithe grew angry with Gaeruhn, for the evil god had consumed the sun that Vra’lithe had set in the sky. But the guile of Kiravor was too much for Vra’lithe to comprehend. Kiravor convinced Vra’lithe that the other gods had been to blame for his inability to control the ethereal energy within the material plane. Kiravor unleashed the fury of Vra’lithe who erupted as fire upon the world, burning much of Esteparon. When he grew calm again, Vra’lithe saw the destruction that he had done. He left the world and returned to the void in a self-imposed exile…

…When Daysra was killed by Gaeruhn, Vra’lithe returned to the world taking the form of the Avatar of Fire. The other gods, seeing Vra’lithe’s glory as he walked upon the world, followed him and took arms against Kiravor and Gaeruhn…

Of Gaeruhn and the Feast of the Known World

Of the Greater Spirits, it was Gaeruhn, the Flesheater and his older brother, Kiravor that first brought hate and jealousy out of the void and into the Ether. When Kiravor retreated from the Ether and Amus, he found his brother, Gaeruhn, in the void and opened the younger’s mind to the Ether. After a time, they came out of the void and saw the power that those spirits held. They coveted their power and conspired to take power rather than create it. Gaeruhn found that each spirit was comprised of energy made from the Ether and that he could consume their energy with little effort rather than gather the energy from the Ether…

…Gaeruhn went to Amus with a thought of flesh. He thought to make the energy of the ether a living being upon the world.

Of Selefahn and the Ether

After most the Divinium had come out of the void and wrought the world, it was Amus who desired someone to live in the world and experience the passage of time. The greater spirits only existed in the ethereal realm, they did not come into the prime material plane and walk upon the world. Amus then created humans to live and experience the world. Since she made them, they are the race that best feels the passage of time. The are born; they live; and they die the fastest. Selefahn, the Herald comes last as she ushers the energy of the ether back from the material plane to the ethereal plane; converting what has died back into energy.

Of the Docti

From the void, then came seven spirits. They each had a thought, and in that thought, they gained the knowledge of a single truth about the ether. They are masters of that knowledge. They are Thaedymar, Lorrynor, Grahlithe, Faenithol, Korlez, Veavys and Dasyra. They are the learned.

Of Dasyra, the Shining Star

Of Faenithol, the Devoted

Amus established Time so that her all of her first siblings could work their will in the Ether in turn. Creation, destruction, birth, death – each follows in an endless cycle. While the cycle is eternal, each moment in the cycle is not. How much of what was has been lost?

It is this loss that awoke Feanithol in the Void. He watched from the Void as those who had come before him created new things in the world Teysura had made or destroyed the work of their fellows. But he did not leave the Void.

He watched as the other great spirits blessed the mortals and then forgot them. For in those days, there were no priests or priestesses to remind the gods of their promises or to teach their fellow mortals what is owed to the spirits.

Then Solithol was born. Solithol was an elven prince of the highest lineage, favored and beloved by Calledrym. That is to say he was favored and beloved until the day in Solithol’s greatest need. Then when Solithol called, Calledrym did not answer. It was this betrayal that caused Feanithol to leave the Void. For if King of the great spirits would not reward the faith of his most favored vassal, then who among the great spirits would honor their obligations?

Feanithol came to Solithol and taught him the rites that would bind him to Calledrym as a priest. Feanithol taught us how to commune with our gods, and, in turn, taught our gods how to draw strength from our love and worship.

Now that Feanithol existed in Time, he saw how hateful it can be, how even the most beautiful and sublime can be lost to its ravages. So Feanithol stayed and did not return to the void. He taught us all the ways to fight against the cruelty of Time: by word and memory, by prayers and promises.

What Feanithol has hallowed, Time cannot destroy.

Of Grahlithe, the Twisted

As I compiled my research concerning the Ealintaine, few topics were as frustrating as Grahlithe. Amongst most cultures, he is considered to be the least of the greater spirits. The elves name him Councilor and Honeyed-Tongue. He is worshiped by poets, playwrights, and viziers. We understand him to be a god of the spoken word, less powerful than the song of Celestri and far less permanent than the runes of Faenithol. He appears in few stories and took no part in the Godling War. Those stories in which he appears, he is depicted as being friendly, clever, and hapless.

The dwarves of the Iron Mountains whisper of a much different kind of spirit. Their grand temple of Thaedymar houses the Tablets of Remmen — a divine relic of numerous qualities — which, according to the priests who guard this relic, was carved by Faenithol at the request of Thaedymar. The Tablets of Remmen detail the essential natures and relationships of each of the Ealintaine. Supposedly, they are indestructible and immutable. Only a single line refers to Grahlithe: “Twisted. Liar. Accuser. Lord of Mists and Shadows.”

A single source, even a divine source, does not make for good scholarship. I questioned the priests of Thaedymar closely. They suggest that misfortune and madness stalk those who inquire too deeply into Grahlithe. They also introduced me to a Hazard and scholar who they tended who have been struck by some mental affliction that their prayers could not mend. They told me that he had made a study of Grahlithe before he succumbed to madness. While I cannot speak to the origins of the man’s affliction, I too was plagued by a series of odd mishaps: lost texts, ruined pages, sudden forgetfulness.

These mishaps subsided once I requested that a priestess of Faenithol bless my quill and ink. Perhaps my difficulties could be attributed to coincidence and superstition. Nevertheless, I have no desire to offend the gods and turned to other lines of research.

Of Korlez, the Formless

Of all the Docti, Korlez was born with an understanding form and substance. He understood shapes and size, and taught the first of the mortals to take note of fleeting beauty of the mortal body. He delighted as time passed and the first men grew stronger and the women grew fertile. He recognized the power of flesh but did not covet it. He opened their minds to the endless ideas of transmutation.

But Korlez did not understand time for the great spirit was born before time. Korlez became enraged when he saw that the humans would wither and die in time. He came to Amus and demand that she stop the flow of time so that the men and women that Korlez had taught to alter their form would live forever. Yet, Amus knew more of what was to come and knew that mortality was a gift not a curse. Korlez then sought to fool time and he taught the first humans to alter themselves and live within a false form. But time could not be deceived, and they still perished to Korlez’s dismay.

When his brothers and sisters conceived new life and made the elves, dwarves, gnomes and hobgoblins, Korlez could not conceive life but took a thought in darkness and reshaped mortals into beasts that were part human and part beast. In the cover of night, the great spirit transformed mortals into lycans and made their condition hidden, so that in the light the other spirits would not have known what he had done.

As his mind became more twisted and tormented, Korlez began to hate his brethren and sisters and sought to destroy all that they created as he could not create but only manipulate.

Of Lorrynor, the Sage and the Coming of Elves.

Then, from deep in the void, Lorrynor watched as Amus created humanity. And yet, he watched and knew that he could do better. That he could conceive greater than Amus that which is mortal. Lorrynor came from the void and shaped the elves from his thoughts. The elves are the perfection of the humanoid form, blessed with grace, beauty, and power beyond the measure of the other races. The Docti were amazed by Lorrynor’s accomplishment for some tried to imitate him, but none could match his perfection. All the Ealintaine were struck silent as the beheld the perfection that Lorrynor had wrought. Celestri and Faenithol were so taken by their perfect form, they further blessed the elves. Faenithol came first and blessed them with the gift of preservation so that time would not erode what Lorrynor had created. Celestri came and taught the elves to sing with elevated voices so that all beings would be enthralled by their beauty and perfection.

And when Lorrynor saw that the other gods incarnated, he came to this world as a dragon, greater and more awe inspiring than any other avatar. Seeing his own splendor, he carved other dragons from all that the divine had created. These dragons spread and ruled over all parts of this world for each carries some of Lorrynor’s excellence.

These are but two examples of his works, but all stories of Lorrynor are much the same. He sees what has been done and then does it better and more effectively than what has come before. For even now he creates singular monsters to show the excellence in the conjunction of the materiel and the ethereal.

Perhaps it is best that Lorrynor continues to perfect creation, for what would happen if he decided to perfect the arts of rule or war. The entire ethereal order would be overturned…

Of Thaedymar, the Judge

Of Veavys, the Dreamer

Veavys came into the world as a symphony of thought that blessed all who heard the melody she weaved with her instruments. The goddess devised all sound that came into the world and taught the birds the melodies of charm. It is their voice that calls to Vra’lithe and beckons the sun from its resting place each morning.

Vaevys is a selfless being who offers her music so that all of creation might listen and revel in her opus

It is said that upon her birth she sang but once to Amus and the Divinium. She revealed all that had come before her and all that would come before the end of time. So taken by her words, that for a time the gods were captivated by her song and were lost in the void. They danced and became riotous in the void. All but Amus were lost to the melodies and harmonies that she wove together in perfect, but the Elder listened and understood.

When the First Song was done, Veavys reflected upon what she had seen of the harmonic wave and what she had sung to the gods. She knew that such words should not have been heard by the Ealintaine. Veavys closed her mouth and spoke no more.

She traveled the world and played her music to all forms of life, but her voice rang no longer for the goddess of the sea had stolen it in Veavys’ long silence.

Of the Coming of Man and the Inhaerens

…It was during the time that Amus first thought of mortal life upon the world, that Gaeruhn came to her and showed her flesh and with that thought, flesh became man.

In time, Teysura took comfort in thought. She new the world like no other spirit and sought to give knowledge to the others that had come from the void into the ether. Seven thoughts she had, and as each thought took shape in the Ether, they became as she was. They were her children and to each she gave a name; Elanil, Faelynn, Jhaeros, Miravynn, Mylesar, Raloryss and Valthyra.

Of Elanil, the Joyous

Of Faelynn, the Merchant

Of Jhaeros, the Mason

Of Miravynn, the Weaver

Of Mylesar, the Warrior

Of Ralloryss, the Hearty

Of Valthyra, the Faithful

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Lore - Of Creation and the Greater Spirits

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