Lore - Seven Screams

The Seven Screams of the Lost Gods

by Maelyrrä Inæthrÿrum, daughter of King Inæthrÿrum of the First House of the Elves, Lord Of Barad’el

…As Sirzadon battled with Kiravor, the great lord of death, he knew not that Korlez was ever present. The shapeshifter hid among the beast, prepared to pounce upon the godling as he drew near. For it was the goal of the two gods that they may vanquish Sirzadon and take his power. Yet, Gaeruhn was driven to envy and rage. He desired to consume Sirzadon and take the godling’s power for himself. As he tore at Sirzadon’s eyes, ripping one from his skull, Kiravor and Korlez turned upon Gaeruhn, and the Flesheater fled to the Ether…

…The Ealintaine hailed his form and brought it to Earthenwerk, laying the fallen avatar before his father who wept for the first and last time… the men of Haemil grieved most for never had they witnessed the slaying of an immortal… their voices rose up in song to lament the fallen godling… thus the falsehood began, that Sirzadon had died…

…Yet, Lorrynor took solace in knowing the ether best, that while it existed, death could not befall the gods…

…With his defeat, Gaeruhn relinquished the power of Sirzadon, but the godling’s power was never fully restored… and the Divinium did not intercede for Sirzadon’s loss was their gain… His form was returned to the Ether and remains in Midian with the gods in exile. Yet, his mind is lost in a silent scream, and his followers are few.

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Lore - Seven Screams

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