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The Dukedom of Alaredél

A majestic and ancient city built upon the ruins of many cultures. The ruling family is from an ancient line of druids that once roamed the Krebem Woodlands from Alaredél to the Stronghold of Vryost along the Northern Sea. The current ruler is Duke Angaidh Ó Dùghlasach of Alarid. This stoic ruler is quietly feared by many of the other Dukes of Esteparon. He has built few alliances among the dukedoms, but his warriors are fearless and savage in battle.


Angaidh Ó Dùghlasach’s greatest political achievement was securing a peace between Alaredél, Pyrae and Parthis. The sometimes shakey alliance promises that each city will defend the other in case of attack from a 3rd party. The armada between the cities is formidable and easily controls the northern Rynin Sea. He has also forged minor treaties with Derncape and Basgeil. While he doesn’t trust either of those Dukes, he knows that they would align with him against Quonos, should that city threaten the sovereignty of either of the three. Duke Alaredél’s is unconcerned with either the Duke Axteil or Duke Wynstil. He considers the boy-duke of Wynstil to immature to trust and the elderly duke of Axteil as a short-term ruler. He suspects that both of those dukedoms are in jeopardy of losing control of their lands in the next several years.

Duke Alaredél has regular contact with Haemil, but no formal treaties. The Duke believes that the isolationist view of Haemil makes them less of a threat against his dukedom or as a vulnerable target. He has respect for the Stratocracy of Avenell, and has recently sent envoys to Avendale to negotiate with the Hobgoblins. He knows that Leyrtis is an enemy, but their quiet military over the previous millineum has him less fearful. The elves of Greyton are a neutral political body to him. He would like to make an alliance with them as the other dukedoms are nestled between him and Greyton, but the elves have not permitted his diplomats entry as of yet.



Creed of Móirín

Móirín, the Elementist was a cultish leader that developed a religion based upon the primal planes of the Ether early in the sixth millennium. The religion was put down by the combined effort of several of the Dukes in 6366 E.C.

Points of Interest






A small village at the intersection of the Northern Road and the Kings Road, Crossroads has remained an independent city since the fall of the Kingdom of Esteparon.


The lush, green river valley east of the Shadow Mountains in northern Alaredél is the home of the Marquis of Êmídhar, the head of one of the wealthiest and most ruthless families of Broanin descent. As unpoplular as the young Marquis is with the neighboring nobility in the Duchy of Alaredél, he is loved and praised by the people living in and around his castle. He hires the best mercenaries and always pays with freshly minted silver crowns.







Notable NPC’s

Angaidh Ó Dùghlasach, Duke of Alaredél
Maleiá Ní Dùghlasach, Duchess of Alaredél

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Realms - Alaredel

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