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Kahae Edhekal


The eastern entrance into the Vale of Talanor, Kahae Edhekal is a ruled by a council of noble families and supported by a massive standing militia along with the clerics of Mylesar, Teysura and Valthyra. Deep beneath realm lies the abandoned Lower City overrun by fire goblins and flame drakes.

From the Dragon Gate, an ancient defensive structure leading into the valley of Talanor, a winding, flame-bricked road, known as the Dragon Road, leads to Oldtown within the Vale. Within Kahae Edhekal, the Dragon Road traverses the mountain to arrive at the far eastern exit, The Mountain Tower. Defenses of the Kahae Edhekal at the Dragongate are under the command of Katadante Ironhelm.

Social Structure

The dwarves of Kahae Edhekal regard themselves as proper dwarves with a healthy respect for family. As such, they have copied the elves of Greyton and organized themselves into Houses. Wealth and property distinguish the “nobility” of a House with the greater Houses building their complexes either several layers above or below the main passage through the mountains. House-less dwarves are considered commoners that either perform manual labor or enter the military. A burgeoning middle class of tradesmen has appeared over the past millennium with the more successful of these forming new Houses.


Kahae Edhekal is ruled by the aristocracy in a loose alliance of complex relationships and contracts. The church of Mylesar acts as a mediator and, at times, judiciary for the Houses.


Trade within Kahae Edhekal is strong with most things, including food and water provided from within.


With the exception of wood and plant-life, materials within Kahae Edhekal are plentiful.


The legend of Mithril being mined within the Shadow Mountains is ever present although not a cart full has been seen in generations.


Each district maintains their own armies with the Dragongate being the larger by far. Soldiers are broken down into companies and assigned a name such as Dragongaurd, Wyrmguard, Gryphonguard, etc. Their armor is distinguished by the emblems worn on their shields and colors of their tabards. Both armies employ an elite group of rangers for exploring the vast caverns of the Lower City that has been overrun for centuries.


Creed of the Vanquisher

Emboldened by the prowess of Mylesar, the Warrior, these clerics greatly influence the rule of Kahae Edhekal.

Temple of the Fallen

These priests and priestesses of Teysura, the Sacred Mother heal the wounded and lay the fallen to rest.

The Forgemasters Guild

These blacksmiths are dedicated to Valthyra, the Faithful.

Points of Interest

The Dragongate District

The Mountain Tower District

The Lower City

Notable NPC’s

The Dragongate

Dtukk Flamefest – Dwarven Evoker
Grymdor Hallowheart – Seventh Ranger of Eastgate
Katadante Ironhelm – Commander of the Dragonguard
Klagor Deephammer – High Priest of Mylesar
Kguhr Bravesmelter – The Quartermaster of Eastgate
Rohsa Darkbrew – Brewmaster at the Headless Bugbear

The Mountain Tower

Druganfandorbyl “Bill” Deephammer – Captain of the Watch, Mountatin Tower of Kahae Edhekal (Eastgate)

House Hammerfist

Balendor Hammerfist – 1st Templar of Mylesar (deceased)
Garlana Hammerfist – Lady of Hammerfist Hall
Noyar Hammerfist – Daughter to Lady Hammerfist
Taurman Stonebreaker – High Guard of House Hammerfist

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