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The Duchy of Quonos

Duke Eignach Ó Daimhín is the current ruler of Quonos. A good and fair ruler, he seeks to bring prosperity to his people and protect them from the growing, dark threat of the necropolis under Chadtúr.


Once the clear winner for power among the duchies since the fall of the Kingdom of Esteparon, Eignach is slowly trying to regain his families position. He is outflanked by three seemingly allies that have an alliance. The Daimhín house is the only known noble house of Esteparon that contains the bloodline to the original kings of Esteparon. This makes the other Dukes very weary in giving him too much power.

Duke Eignach is the only duke with which the Kings of Haemil have ever treated as an equal with both of their families being traced back to the Godling Wars. The two realms honor the Quonos Accords, an ancient treaty between the Kingdom of Haemil and the Kingdom of Esteparon negotiated and signed at Daimhínith Castle in the city of Quonos. The city was, at the time, the site of a military outpost where the two kings met and negotiated a peace between them.

Points of Interest

The Ruins of Chadtúr

Once the seat of the Kingdom of Esteparon, this city is in ruins but still sits upon the necropolis used to bury the high nobles of the Dukedoms.

Daimhínith Castle

The castle of the Duke of Quonos. The castle grew from a small keep following the Godling Wars into the fifteen-towered structure is is today.

County of Dübenneck

The most eastern county of Quonos, this county contains the The Ruins of Chadtúr.

The Duchies of Esteparon
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Realms - Quonos

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