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General Feats

Two-Weapon Attack – gain an additional attack with the off-hand’s weapon. Skilled = -5; Expert = -3; Master = -2; Legendary = No penalty.
Sneak Attack – When the rogue makes an attack while unobserved, the damage is doubled; tripled at Expert, quadrupled at Master; and quintupled at Legendary.

Ancestry Feats
Class Feats
Skill Feats

Bonus Feats

The following feats are automatically received by all characters when/if they meet the requirements. If a class or archetype would have bonused this feat to the character, this removes that benefit from the class and does not provide an additional feat bonus to the character.

Agile Maneuvers: Dex 13
Combat Expertise: Int 13
Deadly Aim: Dex 13 & +1 BAB
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting: Dex 19, +11 BAB & Improved Two-Weapon Fighting.
Mobility: Dodge.
Piranha Strike: +1 BAB
Precise Shot: Point Blank Shot
Power Attack: +1 BAB
Reckless Aim: Point Blank Shot
Weapon Finesse: +1 BAB

Altered Feats: Benefit

The following feats have had their benefit altered as described below.

Create Reliquary Arms and Shields: Your magical creations are infused with divine power.
Deft Maneuvers: Replaces Improved Trip, Improved Disarm, Improved Dirty Trick, Improved Feint, Improved Reposition, Improved Steal.
Greater Weapon Focus: Applies to weapon groups instead of a specific weapon. See Fighter’s combat training for groupings.
Improved Counterspell: When counterspelling, you may use a spell of the same school that is at least the same spell level as the target spell. Additionally, a spellcaster with this feat may use an AOO as a free action to counterspell another spellcaster, provided they can be seen by spellcaster attempting the counterspell.
Improved Initiative: Add wisdom modifier in addition to dexterity modifier. In addition, the character adds +1 to initiative for every 5 character levels (max +4 at level 20).
Powerful Maneuvers: Replaces Improved Bull Rush, Improved Drag, Improved Overrun, Improved Sunder.
Weapon Focus: Applies to weapon groups instead of a specific weapon. See Fighter’s combat training for groupings.

Altered Feats: Requirements

The following feats have had their requirements changed as defined below.

Combat Stamina: +1 BAB; all classes
Disrupting Shot: Dex 13, +8 BAB (or Fighter level 6) & Point-Blank Shot required.
Disruptive: +8 BAB (or Fighter level 6) required.
Greater Penetrating Strike: Penetrating Strike & +18 BAB (or Fighter level 16) required.
Greater Shield Focus: +10 BAB (or Fighter level 8) & Shield Focus required.
Greater Shield Specialization: +14 BAB (or Fighter level 12), Greater Shield Focus & Shield Specialization required.
Greater Weapon Focus: +10 BAB (or Fighter level 8) & Weapon Focus required.
Greater Weapon Specialization: +14 BAB (or Fighter level 12) & Weapon Specialization required.
Penetrating Strike: Weapon Focus & +14 BAB (or Fighter level 12) required.
Pin Down: +13 BAB (or Fighter level 11) & Combat Reflexes required.
Shatterspell: +12 BAB (of Fighter level 10), Dwarf, Disruptive & Spellbreaker required.
Shield Specialization: +6 BAB (or Fighter level 4) & Shield Focus required.
Spellbreaker: +12 BAB (of Fighter level 10) & Disruptive required.
Weapon Specialization: +4 BAB & Weapon Focus required.

Custom Feats

Blessing of the Smith
Dedication of the Smith
Deflect Malice
Heart of the Smith
Improved Augment Summoning
Infernal Summons
Rituals of the Smith
Shard of the Forge’s Heart
Sidereal Saint
Tutelage of the Smith
Ward of the Smith

Approved 3rd Party Feats

Strange Revelation

Banned Feats

Item Creation feats are banned from selection, except Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion and Create Reliquary Arms & Armor which remain available as customized.

House Rules – Pathfinder, 1e
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Rules PF1e - Feats

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