Rules PF1e - Legendary Items

Legendary Item Rules

Magic Items of all types may be found, looted, worn, repurposed, destroyed. Magic items, called ‘Legendary Items’, may be imbued with magical essences to customize them, thereby bonding with the character.

Types of Legendary Items

Masterwork – an item of outstanding quality and capable of being infused with ethereal essences.
Curio – a Masterwork item that has been infused with magic through a ritual or other ancient process.
Wonder – a Masterwork or Curio that has bonded with a mortal having been infused with an essence.
Relic – a Wonder or Curio that has been blessed by, created by or bonded to a Greater or Lesser Spirit (often referred to as the “patron spirit”).

Categories of Legendary Items

Casting Bonds – amulets, holy symbols, rings, rods, staves, wands or the similar may be bonded to any caster.
Armor Bonds – armor, shields, bracers or robes
Weapon Bonds – weapons
Sundry Bonds – any worn or held item, such as rings, amulets, boots, gloves, robes, cloaks, belts, goggles, crowns, headbands, bracers, etc.

Bonding with a Legendary Item

Bonding with a Legendary Item occurs when a character imbues an Ethereal Essence into it. To bond with the item, it must be held or worn in the appropriate manner. The character must make a Will Save with the DC based upon the type of Legendary Item. If the patron spirit of a Relic opposes the bonding, the DC is increased by 15, and if the patron spirit of a Relic blesses the bonding, the DC is decreased by 10. Whether the patron opposes or blesses the bonding will be determined by the GM. If the Will Save fails, the essence also fails to imbue the item and is lost. Once bonded, imbuing additional essences to a Legendary Item by the bonded character does not require a Will save. Bonding with a specific Legendary Item can only be attempted once per character level.

Note: Bonding with a Curio, and thereby adding a new magical ability to it, turns the Curio into a Wonder.

Table: Item Bonding DC
Item Type DC
Masterwork 5
Curio 10
Wonder 15
Relic 25
  • Bonding with a Legendary Item is a standard action.
  • If a Wonder or Relic is currently bonded to another Being, the DC increases by the other Being’s Will Save Bonus.

Breaking a Bond with a Legendary Item

  • Breaking a bond with a Legendary Item can only be attempted once per character level.
  • Breaking a bond with a Wonder or Relic is a DC25 Will Save plus 5 per essence imbued to the Wonder.

Miscellaneous Rules

  • Without bonding, a Being can still use a Legendary Item and get the benefits of imbued essences, unless otherwise noted with “(Bonded Only)”.
  • Without boding, a Being cannot imbue any essences to a Legendary Item.
  • Regardless of bonding, a Being using a Relic without the blessing of patron spirit will be harmed by the Relic.
  • Destroying a Wonder or Relic will harm a Being that is currently bonded with the item.
  • At 1st, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 14th, 19th & 20th level, a character may bond with an additional Legendary Item.

Meta Rules

  • A Curios created by a PC from a ritual or other ancient process cannot produce essences for extraction by themselves or another PC.

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Rules PF1e - Legendary Items

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