Spell - Apocalypse of Kiravor

Apocalypse of Kiravor

“And all the mortals gazed upon the face of the Harbinger as he consumed the world and ushered in the apocalypse…”

Source: Death
Casting Time: 10 Minutes
Components: V, S, DF, F (15,000 GP altar of Kiravor carved from onyx.), M (10 sacrifices of 10+ HD of Good alignment (or clerics of Calledyrm, Mylesar, Celestri, Dasyra, or Thaedymar — Kiravor isn’t that picky) whose blood must stain the altar.)
Range: Within Reach
Area: 1 mile radius of the touched point (Variable)
Duration: Variable
Base DC: 25
Targeted Ability: Will

You prophesy that Kiravor will consume this world in darkness. All creatures in the area of effect must make a Wisdom save or be cursed. All creatures that enter into the area of effect must also make this save or be cursed. As long as the curse persists, the cursed creatures in the area of effect take a –4 penalty to their armor class and on attack rolls, saves, ability checks, and skill checks. Additionally, if a cursed creature casts a spell in the area of effect, she has a 10% chance of triggering a primal magic event. If a primal magic event is triggered in the area of effect, roll twice and pick the most catastrophic or deadly result.

Cursed creatures that die in the area of effect fuel the prophecy. The base duration of the effect is 24 hours. For every 10 cursed creatures with more than 2+ HD who die in the area of effect, the duration is extended by an additional 12 hours. For every 100 cursed creatures of 2+ HD who die in the area, the illumination in the area of effect drops by one rank. For every 500 cursed creatures of more than 4+ HD who die in the area the radius of the effect increases by 1 mile.

Dim Light: All creatures take 1d6 Cold damage per round. Fortitude negates.
Darkness: All creatures take 2d6 Cold damage per round. Fortitude negates.
Supernatural Darkness: All creatures take 3d6 Cold damage per round. Fortitude negates.

All cursed creatures of 4+ HD who die from cold damage in the area of effect arise as Frost Wights. If these Frost Wights arise from creatures with more than 4 HD, they retain class levels up to level – 4.

Worshipers of a Kiravor and undead are unaffected by this spell, though if undead or worshipers of Kiravor of more than 10 HD sacrifice themselves in the area of effect they count as 10 cursed creatures dying for the purposes the prophecy’s progression. This annihilates the essence of these sacrifices and they may not be returned or restored in any way besides a Miracle or literal divine intervention from an Avatar.

The spell is intimately tied to the existence of its caster. If the caster is destroyed, the spell immediately ends and the caster is annihilated (see above). If the prophecy ends because it runs out of life to consume, then a living caster dies. (An undead caster is protected from this fate.) If more than 1000 Ice Wights with class levels were created by this spell, a living caster slain by the spell’s “natural” end arises as a lich. (The Ice Wights created by the spell count as the lich’s phylactery, and the lich gains a special ability to command Ice Wights.) An undead caster who achieved the same feat, gains the Advanced template and the ability to command the Ice Wights created by the spell.

This spell has no effect in areas protected by an Invocation of the Sacred Mother.

This spell only accessible by the Harbinger domain or by boon from Kiravor, the Harbinger of Death.

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Spell - Apocalypse of Kiravor

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