Spell - Blood Sacrifice

Blood Sacrifice

School: Blood [Calling]; Level: Cleric 2/Oracle 2
Casting Time: 1 Minute
Components: V,S
Range: Touch
Target: One willing, helpless or dying mortal creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will negates; Spell Resistance: yes
Source: Liber Sanguinem

The spilled blood coalesces into a glowing ruby infused with vital energy. The blood ruby will faintly pulse with a glowing vitality while still viable. As the blood ruby ages, its pulse weakens until it dies.

To create a blood ruby worth 500 GP, the target of the spell takes 1d6 points of damage + 1 Strength damage. For each additional +500 GP the ruby is worth the Strength damage increases by +1. Creatures immune to strength damage or that do not have blood are not legal targets for this spell. Vampires are an exception to this rule and take Charisma damage instead of Strength damage. If there is not a GP value associated with this material component, consult your GM to determine the damage done to the target of the spell.

A blood ruby created with this spell can be substituted for the required gold cost during scroll, potion or other alchemical creation. Additionally, these rubies may be attuned during their creation to substitute for a material component for a spell or ritual specified at the time of creation. This attunement requires a successful Knowledge: Arcana check during the casting. The base difficulty of this check is 20 +2 per level of the ritual or the highest spell level the component could effect. Attunement to an especially rare component may increase the base difficulty. (Consult your GM) Blood from creatures who would have an affinity for this component (consult your GM) grant a +2 circumstance bonus to the Knowledge check. In order to attune a blood ruby to a spell or ritual material component, the caster must be aware of the existence of such a component. The blood ruby becomes infused with the substance of the substituted component. For example, if a ritual called for the ground horn of a Kalavakus demon, somewhere in the cosmos a horn of such a demon would wither and turn to dust as its essential nature is caught up in the blood ruby. Failure in this check renders the blood ruby inert and the spell wasted.

Using a blood ruby in a ritual as a substitute for a material component increases the difficulty of all skill checks required by that ritual. Please see, Table: Blood Ruby DC Adjustments. After six days, rubies created by this spell last will disintegrate in dessicated blood. The spell gains the “evil” descriptor if used against an unwilling creature.

Table: Blood Ruby DC Adjustments
Delay in Use Increase to DC
Same Day +2
1 Day +3
2 Days +4
3 Days +5
4 Days +6
5 Days +7
6 Days +8

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Spell - Blood Sacrifice

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