Spell - Sunder the Ether

Sunder the Ether

School: Necromancy; Level: Oracle 8
Casting Time: 1 Round
Components: V, S
Range: medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target: One mortal creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: See Text; Spell Resistance: no
Source: Liber Sanguinem

This spell strips a mortal creature of all Arcane, Primal, and Ethereal Essences it possesses whether those Essences are naturally occurring or imbued. To strip these Essences, the caster must succeed at a Spell Craft check with a difficulty of 30 + the creature’s HD.

On a successful check, this spell strips all such Essences from that creature. If the affected creature has naturally occurring Essences, she may make a Will save to prevent the loss of those essences, but not her imbued essences, in the event of a successful Spell Craft check. That character loses all benefit or abilities derived from that essence as it is drawn into the hand of the caster. An affected creature with spellcasting, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities loses those abilities until it is affected by a Restoration for each natural Essence lost or by a Greater Restoration.

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Spell - Sunder the Ether

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