Structure - Tower of Conjuration

Cälaturrim, Tower of the Conjurer

The Cälaturrim was built by Partümgard, the 1st Hazard of Haemil in 399 E.C. The tower was built entirely from conjured stone drawn from the plane of earth. The white marble stonework is smooth showing few seams. Stainless windows dot the exterior of the tower in all directions. The entry archway is most always left open, leading to a large round chamber with a five sets of stairs leading to the upper levels. Engraved into the stone patio leading to the front door is a summoning circle with a large, strange rune replicated at five different points.


As the Sodality of Conjurers (Sodālitas Sei) for The Arcana Dominum, Cälaturrim houses the Hazard of Haemil and wizards of conjuration.

The seat of Conjuration can be traced back to the Shrine of the Summoner high in the Iron Mountains during the Godling Wars. Following the war, advanced studies of conjuration centered on the iconic city of Earthenwork within the Kingdom of Haemil. During the reign of King Eurik Rödynn, the conjurers began supporting the crown and what would become the Rödynn Dynasty. Appealing to the King’s father, Durand Rödynn, Lord Commander of Earthenwork, the conjurers were granted access to the upper city of Earthenwork and established a hall in the northwest of the city. In 396 E.C., Partümgard Rödynn was given the title 1st Hazard of Haemil and built the Tower of Conjuration. Currently, Rhykal is the 16th Hazard of Haemil.

The Hazard of Haemil may admit anyone as a Neophyte upon demonstration of their arcane powers to cast prestidigitation, detect magic & acid splash. Upon testing of their competencies, they are granted the title of Apprentice. Selection for advanced studies (2nd level spells and above), grants them the title of Conjurer. Each conjurer must complete the Rites of Passage to become a Master of the Sodality, often called Master Conjurer. The Hazard selects five Master Conjurers, granting them the title of Archus. These five Archuses head the branches of conjuration: Creation, Summoning, Healing, Teleportation and Calling. They each administer the Rites of Passage for their discipline and preserve the original texts detailing the development of spells for their line of conjuration. Of the Masters up to eight can be named Mentor under each Archus. The Mentors are the primary trainers for the neophytes and apprentices.

Competency Testing

Rites of Passage

Points of Interest

The Archives – A full listing of all conjuration spells on scrolls, books, etc. Additionally, some other spells from different Sodalities. An Grand Archivist is charged with maintaining records of all the books and records of the Sodality.

The Apothēcārius – The stores of potions and spell components within the Tower.


Rhykal – 16th Hazard of Haemil
Áirdin Ó Liatháin – Archus of Summoning
Tolis Petraki – Archus of Creation
Scarlet Brandywood – Archus of Teleportation
Daarrôk – Archus of Healing
Kellam Daelÿthir – Archus of Calling
Raektov – a neophyte

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Structure - Tower of Conjuration

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